Feeling worn out? Here are 10 Shibuya cafes where you can relax until the sun comes up

  • Shibuya, a city that doesn’t sleep.
    You don’t feel up for dancing at a club, and aren’t in the mood for staying at a hotel.
    Here are some cafes that might prove useful, where you can unwind late into the night.

    Udagawa cafe

    This cafe provides a relaxing atmosphere that emulates one’s room at home. You can also enjoy delicious food and drink.

    Japanese notation:宇田川カフェ
    Hours:11:00 〜 29:00


    Inside, you’ll find it spacious and relaxing. Watch people bustle about the city as you relax in the terrace seating.

    Japanese notation:FRAMES SHIBUYA
    Hours:11:30 27:30

    Risotto Cafe Tokyo kichi Shibuya brunch

    A well-kept secret, not far from the station, which is right in the middle of central Shibuya.
    This izakaya has a nice atmosphere, something like a secret base.
    Customers come for our selection of 15 different risottos and 100 different cocktails.

    Japanese notation:Risotto Cafe 東京基地 渋谷店
    Hours:Sun. 〜 Thu. 11:30 〜 23:30 Fri. Sat. Holiday 11:30 〜 29:00


    A fancy atmosphere somewhere between a cafe and a bar. Specializing in Korean food. Come enjoy our idiosyncratic cafe.

    Japanese notation:hwaja(ファジャ)
    Hours:24 hours a day
    Holiday:Mon. 0:00 〜 12:00

    Starbucks coffee Shibuya bunkamura street brunch

    Open till 5 in the morning.
    Relax with a late night hot coffee.

    Japanese notation:スターバックス・コーヒー 渋谷文化村通り店
    Hours:7:00 〜 28:45

    tokyo salonard cafe : dub

    A cafe tucked away, off the main streets of Shibuya.
    A calm atmosphere accented by our antique furniture. Come get lost in your own thoughts.

    Japanese notation:トウキョウ サロナード カフェ ダブ
    Hours:Mon. 〜 Thu. 12:00 〜 24:00 Fri. 12:00 〜 27:00 Sat. 14:00 〜 27:00 Sun. Holiday 14:00 〜 23:00

    amico cafe dining

    Characterized by its large window, which gives one a feeling of liberation.
    We have a comprehensive selection of food and drink.

    Japanese notation:アミコ カフェダイニング
    Hours:11:30 〜 29:00

    27 CrazyForce

    Unlike most cafes in Shibuya, we welcome pets.
    Our portions are big enough to satisfy the most manly appetites.
    Inside, you’ll find a calm atmosphere. We play movies throughout the night on our projector.

    Japanese notation:トゥエンティーセブン クレイジーホース
    Hours:Man. 〜 Thu. 12:00 〜 24:00 Fri. 12:00 〜 27:00 Sat. 14:00 〜 27:00 Sun. Holiday 14:00 〜 23:00

    Denno kissa denno sakaba maidreamin shibuya brunch

    Akihabara is known for its maid cafes, but we’ve got some late-night maid cafes here in Shibuya, too. The ceiling has got blocks that change color when tapped, and we have a trampoline that makes sounds: It’s an interactive space. A lively and fantastic place that’s definitely worth checking out.

    Japanese notation:電脳喫茶☆電脳酒場 めいどりーみん 渋谷店
    Hours:Weekday 15:00 〜 23:00 Fri. 15:00 〜 29:00 Sat. 11:30 〜 29:00 Sun. 11:30 〜 23:00

    Nomad daikanyama

    A spacious and relaxing cafe with terrace seating.
    A cafe in the afternoon, bistro in the evening, and music lounge at night, it is popular with young crowds.
    A convenient place that can be used for after parties.

    Japanese notation:ノマド DAIKANYAMA
    Hours:11:30 〜 28:00

    *Nomad seemd to be closed permanently.

    At the end

    All of these places are great to visit throughout the day, so if you’re in Shibuya be sure to check them out.


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