The iconic Japanese crafts and forms of art

  • We are pretty familiar with Bonsai, Origami and etc. Originated from Japan and became famous worldwide, these forms of art always reflect the Japanese culture and artistic ability. The structure and the style of Japanese gardens , potteries and such are also really attractive and can be seen everywhere when we travel throughout this country.

    1. Pottery, sculptures and ceramics


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    We can see a lot of ceramics and pottery items all around Japan. In Japan, every food item is served in ceramic wares. And there are famous makers and valuable products available among them. In the ancient Japan, everything was hand made, they used rope patterns to adorn the potteries. Later various pictures like flowers, birds, sceneries, dragons and etc. started to appear on these ceramic wares and potteries. The sculptures made out of rocks and metals can be seen in almost every temple, shrine, park and other sites of Japan.

    2. Origami

    Origami is the most famous Japanese art of folding paper into various shapes. There are special origami craft papers in various colours and designs available for creating origami paper art. The most famous among origami chaps are the cranes, that are also known as Sadako’s cranes, which are the representatives of peace and hope.


    Ikebana is the Japanese flower arrangement and it is a very famous traditional art. There are countless classes taken by many people who want to master it throughout Japan. Different from the western flower arrangement, the Japanese ikebana has its own unique rules for arranging the flowers to form the traditional elegant shape and balanced arrangement.

    4. Bonsai


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    Bonsai is one of the most famous horticultural art forms from Japan. The word means ‘tree in a pot’. Formed some 2000years ago, the art of creating bonsai is really time consuming and needs regular continuous hard work to create even a single bonsai. The beautiful art which results in huge trees accommodated in small pots can now be seen in almost all parts of the world.

    5. Paintings


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    We can see attractive paintings of Japan in most castles and other historical places. It is one of the most famous traditional arts of Japan. Most of such paintings depict history or the natural beauty. The colourful paintings done primarily using colours like golden, green, brown, yellow or orange create the natural sceneries including animals, birds, trees and flowers, and are definitely breathtaking.

    Nanga or Bujinga

    It is another type of Japanese paintings done with monochrome black ink and some light colours. It was inspired by the Chinese paintings and was initially used to draw Chinese landscapes. Later it developed into a new Japanese style thereby including the Japanese sceneries. Also it got influenced by the western paintings and included some portion from the western culture as well.
    We can see this art done on papers, wallets, kimonos and etc.

    6. Calligraphy

    Calligraphy is an art of writing in a skillful manner and it can be seen in almost every part of the world. Most languages and cultures have their own calligraphic means to showcase their letters and writings in a beautiful way. In Japan, calligraphy is considered a hobby as well as part of the culture. Japanese schools teach children the basics of calligraphy during their elementary stages. There are many private teachers and institutes for taking calligraphy classes. And there is a traditional procedure associated with calligraphy that starts from making the ink for writing.

    7. Japanese gardens


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    We can find traditional Japanese gardens in almost all temples, shrines, parks and sometimes in front of Japanese houses, as we travel around the country. The rocks, sculptures, lanterns, pine trees and other plants arranged in unique ways always give an aesthetic appearance to these gardens.

    There are many other forms of art and architectures that originate from Japan and reflect Japanese traditions. Everything showcases the culture of Japan and the artistic mindset of the people of this country. While staying in Japan, everyone should make use of the great opportunity to know and enjoy the original arts of the country.