The Top 5 Creepy Studio Ghibli Characters

  • Studio Ghibli creates memorable animations that are steeped in magic, mystery and intrigue. Some of the characters are cute, some are plucky, and some are downright crazy. Yet there are others that are sure to spook both adult and younger viewers alike. Let’s take a look at some of the scariest Ghibli creations.

    1. Nago

    Film: Princess Mononoke

    Creepiest Studio Ghibli Characters1

    Creepy Rating: 9/10. This guy is terrifying! A boar God who is turned into a fearsome demon, Nago is a raging ball of anger – consumed by the demon within, he wishes only to spread suffering wherever he goes. The scene where he comes shrieking across quiet fields that were previously turmoil-free, and finally expiring as his flesh melts from his bones in wriggling, maggoty mess, will be ingrained in the memory of anyone who watches the film.

    2. Lord Okkoto

    Film: Princess Mononoke

    Creepiest Studio Ghibli Characters2

    Creepy Rating: 8/10. The only thing worse than a big, scary boar God who is turning into a demon is a big, scary boar God who is turning into a demon who is also blind. Lord Okkoto is a headstrong, stubborn creature of ancient times, determined to hold onto the past despite impossible circumstances.

    3. Yubaba

    Film: Spirited Away

    Creepiest Studio Ghibli Characters3

    Creepy Rating: 7/10. The only non-animal on the list, Yubaba is a world apart from her kind and gentle sister Zeniba. Master of the bath house, this spooky spinster is easily recognised by her grotesque, over-sized features. Her great looming face is a nasty surprise in every scene she stars in.

    4. Moro

    Film: Princess Mononoke

    Creepiest Studio Ghibli Characters4

    Creepy Rating: 6/10. A wolf God, Moro is the adoptive mother of San, protagonist of Princess Mononoke. While not inherently evil, Moro will not listen to reason and is headstrong like many of the Gods of the film. Moro’s creepiest moment is when, after death, her head come scuttling through the forest to take a bite out of Lady Eboshi’s arm – a pretty creepy trick.

    5. Kodama

    Film: Princess Mononoke

    Creepiest Studio Ghibli Characters5

    Creepy Rating: 4/10. These little guys are both creepy and cute in equal measures… I can’t quite decide how I feel about them. Their ghostly glowing skin, illuminated in the dark forest, and the clickety-clickety of their neck as they snap their heads creepily/cutely to one side… yeah, these dudes freak me out.
    Anyone else noticed that four out of five of these creepy characters are from Princess Mononoke? That film is one spooky show!