Travelling on a budget: the average daily expenses in Japan

  • Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world which everyone really loves to visit. Japan can show you its deep and distinguished culture – the cities, castles, gardens, temples, and people are beautiful and the foods are great too. So, in conclusion, Japan is a little heaven of Asia.

    If you want to visit Japan someday, maybe you may be wondering how much money you will be spending here on average. Moreover, if you are a budget-conscious traveller, it is very important for you to prepare in advance.

    P.S. These prices are the basics costs and don’t include bar night-out entry fees, souvenirs, shopping, random purchases, tours and trips, or luxurious foods. This price also doesn’t include any transportation from one city to another inside Japan or from your country to Japan. Of course, you shouldd put away some extra money for emergency expenditures.

    Average Daily Expenses on a Budget: 7250 yen.
    • Accommodation (rate per person based on shared room): about 3000 yen
    • Foods:
      – Breakfast: 250 yen ( two onigiri / one sandwich in Konbini)
      – Lunch: 1000 yen
      – Dinner: 500 yen (cheap ramen / udon, Yoshinoya, or foods in konbini)
      – Treat (beverages in konbini / vending machine) 2 pcs: 250 yen
    • Transportation: 750 yen per day (day pass)
    • Attractions: 1500 yen (it doesn’t include expensive attractions such as Disney Sea)
    Attractions Entrance Tickets

    Many sightseeing places are free in Japan, however, there are also some that require fees, such as museums and temples

    • Kiyomizu-dera temple: 400 yen
    • Golden Pavilion temple: 400 yen
    • Ryoanji temple: 500 yen
    • Osaka castle: 600 yen
    • Umeda Observatory: 1,000 yen
    • Tokyo Tower: 820 yen
    • Edo-Tokyo Museum: 600 yen
    • Ghibli Museum: 1000 yen
    Average Food Prices
    • Many Japanese restaurants normally offer average dishes for the prices around 750 – 2000 yen.
    • Food in cheap restaurant can be bought for under 500 yen including Yoshinoya, cheap udon / curry places, 100 yen sushi, Mos Burger, McDonalds.
    • Bento is also always available in supermarkets and konbinis. Usually it costs around 250 – 700, depending on the food it consists of.
    • You can also buy street foods such as Takoyaki or Okonomiyaki that usually start from 300 yen.