The innovative idea of Converse: “White Atelier” first official store in Japan!

  • White atelier BY CONVERSE

    It has just been announced that on July 17th the American shoe brand Converse will open their first official store here in Japan. White Atelier BY CONVERSE will open in Tokyo, Harajuku! (Update: As of May 2018, they now have two branches in Harajuku and Kichijoji.) As a long lover of Converse shoes, I have been waiting FOREVER for there to be an official Converse store in Japan.


    I completely fell in love with their ALL STAR line when I was in the States and have been using them ever since. The new store in Harajuku will not only be selling men’s, women’s, kid’s and baby’s shoes but also limited edition items that you can only buy at the store in Japan.

    Customise your Converse

    Now the new store that is about to open in Harajuku will feature not only a normal Converse shop but a basement area where you will be able to create your very own Converse shoes!!! How exciting is that? Their concept for White Atelier is to provide an atelier space where you can create a lifestyle with your converse from scratch.

    In the customise area in the basement, you will be able to design your own all white ALL STAR shoes.


    Not only can you choose your own canvas, you can choose your own original shoe laces. There is even an option to add “Brooklyn Charms” to your shoes to add a little more originality.

    Space for creators

    White Atelier is also planned to be transformed into a workshop where various creators from Japan and other countries will be held. In celebration of the opening of the first Converse shop in Japan, multiple original shoes designed by Japanese illustrators, artists and models will be available to purchase to one lucky person via the lottery that will take place. If you’re in the Tokyo area after July 17th, why not visit this one-of-a-kind store here in Japan?!


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