Welcome to Yokohama Sea Paradise, the biggest aqua park around!

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  • Yokohama Sea Paradise is an amusement park consisting of 4 aqua resorts, rides, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. It is located in Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, Japan. Yokohama Sea Paradise is open daily from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm on weekdays, and 8:30 am to 10:30 pm on weekends.


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    This park’s aquatic animals are more than just penguins, beluga whales, and sea lions. You might get surprised because there is even a polar bear here at Yokohama Sea Paradise!


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    How they manage to keep these animals when there’s no ice inside their cages made me curious. (Well, of course I know that they turn the AC to the lowest temperature though.)

    The other interesting thing is, they have a giant crab!!! And it was the first time for me to see this kind of crab in my entire life! It was so amazing!


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    They look like they can eat me anytime they want to! Scary creatures, I must say.

    You can also feed the fish if you want to, there are many vending machines that sell fish food costing 100 yen per pack. It’s so cute to see them eating the food you are giving them, but you might also feel quite pitiful because you can’t feed them all, so there’s a lot of competition in catching the food.

    Different from other aqua resorts, the rides inside this park are a lot cooler. The first one is The Greatest Fall: Blue Fall. You go at the top speed of 125 km/h to be dropped from a height of 107 m. You can hear people screaming to death while getting dropped by this extreme ride. (Well, I couldn’t go on this ride, I would die!)

    This amusement park is best for those who love aquatic creatures and wild rides. In short, this amusement park is rated 5 stars! So if you plan to visit Japan or you are currently residing in Japan, it is a must see amusement park in town! You’ll never regret visiting this place!

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    One day pass ticket prices are as follows:
    *Adults and Senior High Students – 5,050 yen
    *Elementary and Junior High Students – 3,600 yen
    *Young children (4 years old and older) – 2,050 yen
    *Senior (over 65 years old) – 3,600 yen