The various expressions of Japan’s most beautiful mountain, Mt, Fuji

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  • Mt. Fuji, symbol of Japan, was listed as a World Heritage Site in June 2013.

    With its various expressions, differing with each of the four seasons or varying according to viewpoint, this mountain is the most loved by Japanese people.

    Due to its beautiful form, Mt. Fuji has been revered as an object of faith since olden times. Many pilgrims visit the mountain, even nowdays.

    Mt. Fuji is 3,776 meters tall, but even beginners can climb to the summit, as the moutain can be accessed by car as far as the fifth station.

    The climbing trail is open to the general public from the start of July until the middle of September. Don’t you think climbing up to the peak of Japan would make a wonderful memory of your trip to this country?