Miyajima Island called the gate of Gods

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    In Japan, there is an island called the island of the Gods or commonly known as Miyajima. This island was discovered by a monks kudabashi and kukai, they said that they felt the holiness of the place since then it became a destination for many people and known as a spiritual heritage.


    The island itself has several temples and shrines where people pray and do their pilgrimage, its popular landmark is the great tori gate which was built in 1168, when it’s high tide the tori seems to float but when it’s low tide, you can actually take a picture beside it. Other tourist destinations include the Itsukushima shrine, toyokuni shrine, daiganji, the old street and an inland zoo. With the mix of Shintoism and Buddhist in one island, it’s no doubt that you will have peace of mind.


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    Aside from visiting the shrines, you will also be greeted by the roaming deers who are extremely friendly and they love selfies in Shintoism they are regarded as Messager of gods.



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    Since this island is surrounded by sea water it’s no doubt that their main delicacy is grilled kaki (oyster) that cost 400yen. They also have deer poo ice cream which cost 350yen, but don’t worry it does not taste like poo and plenty of street foods and restaurants. There is no best season recommended for visiting Miyajima because any season you visit its holiness is always felt. As for your omiyage, there are many shops which sell and make Momiji Manju, there are two kinds, the regular machine made and the fried Momiji. I would recommend you to try the fried Momiji Manju because only Miyajima island has it.


    How to go there
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    You can take a train from Hiroshima station straight to Miyajima station, then there is a ferry to transport you to the island itself. I would recommend you to buy the one day pass of JR railway to Miyajima, it will cover your round-trip railway pass and ferry pass from Hiroshima station to Miyajima island for only 820 yen. Regardless of your religion or beliefs, this place is a must visit.

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