How to Enjoy a Marvelous Day in Kyoto with only 1700〜2200¥

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  • Kyoto, just like many cities in Japan takes into consideration the fact that its city is populated by a large number of students or recently independent individuals and, therefore, offers a wide range of prices for most goods (if they aren’t monopolistic).

    This wide range contains goods such as service goods as well as regular consumer goods. And according to individuals’ preferences and the willingness to pay, there always should be availability for attractiveness. Therefore, with that being said, we will demonstrate the many options you can have to spend an entire awesome and satisfying day in Kyoto with roughly 1700-2200¥ (for only one person). So let’s take a look at the different characteristics you will encounter and the attractive offers they provide that will keep you from spending over your budget. Please take into consideration that some of the suggestions in this article may be slightly opinionated as some may be based on my preferences as well as my entourage’s (e.g. riding a bicycle rather than taking the bus)

    Transportation (500¥)

    A mentioned above, what I personally suggest, especially since it’s Kyoto that we are talking about, is to take the bus or ride a bicycle instead of taking the subway (if you are in good health and don’t mind a little “on-field” road trip). And that is due to the fact that when you ride a bicycle or the bus, unlike the subway, you get to see most of the city first-hand and the journey itself is as exhilarating as the destination. Furthermore, the transportation offers are the following:
    Bus —> All day pass within the allocated area of Kyoto —> 500¥
    Bicycles rent (available next to most stations) —> All day until 8-9pm —> 500¥
    Don’t forget the deposit for the bicycle through which we won’t include in the expenses (if you don’t damage it).

    Food (1200¥: 400¥ per meal on average)

    Japan is filled with abundant filling & affordable foods. One has only to look closely within every district to find a Conbini (convenient store) or a Gyudonya. The Gyundoya restaurants offer more filling and cheaper meals than the conbinis’ (e.g. Matsuya, Nakau, Sukiya). In addition, you can often find many 250¥ Bento Shops that offer Bentos (lunchbox) with a variety of fish, vegetables, and meat for the mentioned price that can satisfy you deliciously. Therefore, on average each meal may cost you 400¥ and you won’t be craving for more due to the filling portions.

    Destinations (free of charge)

    The following destinations don’t cost any money but are breathtaking nonetheless and they are accessible by bicycle or bus
    – Arashiyama (Bamboo Forest)
    – Daimonji yama
    – Gion
    – Kiyomizu-dera
    – Kyoto-Gosho and the shrines around it (e.g. Kamigoryo shrine)
    – Iconic universities (e.g. Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus)
    – Fushimi-inari
    – Kamo River
    – Many other temples and shrines that Kyoto provides

    Drinking (optional) 500¥ for several drinks

    Day in Kyoto 5

    If you feel like enjoying a few drinks with friends by the end of this tiring day, you can head towards the Kamo River where you can find plenty of foreigners and university students who enjoy a night under the stars with a chilly river breeze. Concerning the drinks the Konbinis offer a great deal of cheap satisfying drinks as demonstrated in the following:
    – A variety of beers (big cans —> ranging from 200 to 350¥)
    – Strong zero coming in different flavors (big cans —> 200¥)
    – Nihonshu (200ml —> 150¥)
    – Kyogetsu comes in different flavors (400ml —> 400¥)
    – Umeshu (depends on the brand but 200ml —> ranging from 200 to 300¥)
    – Cheap wine (cheapest 750ml for 500¥)

    With all the aforementioned, 2200¥ will be the cost of this wonderful day/journey and 1700¥ if you pass the night drinking. Therefore, if you’re low on cash but still want to spend an adventurous and exciting day, gather your friends and indulge yourself in this one of a kind magnificent quest that will be the highlight of future storytelling.

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