5 Survival Tips tourists can learn from Naruto

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  • Let’s face it. Traveling is a fancy. Exquisite foods, awesome landscapes and a whole new
    set of exciting activities we can all enjoy while exploring Japan. But getting all of the fun is not as easy as pie especially if you’re headed to a place that you’ve never visited before. If you don’t speak the language of the locals, then all the more reason why you should be cautious. Otherwise, you may end up in the wrong place, at the wrong time – and tadah! You just got yourself caught in a compromising situation. The good thing is that you can do something to gear up for your upcoming trip. And one of Japan’s all-time favorite anime series, Naruto, just happened to teach us some of the basics. Ready? Here we go.

    1. Think before you act

    If there’s a character in the entire series who is best known for acting without thinking, it will have to be Uzumaki Naruto. There could be others on the sideline, but Naruto’s undeniably stolen the spotlight for having the guts and courage to face all enemies who harm his village – regardless, if they’re ten times (or a hundred times)
    stronger than he is. While admirable at some point, his impulsive attitude has also gotten him, and the people
    around him, in grave danger. And if you’re a tourist, foreign to the land you’re visiting, then you better take a step back and think before you doing something rash. This can save you a lot of hassle – and money. Remember, unlike Naruto, you may not have an ever-knowing, expert tactician,
    Kakashi-sensei by your side. So think.

    2. Ask your friends for help when in trouble

    Alone or in groups, you should know who to call in case bad things start to get worse. Asking information from people you trust can get you out of trouble. Even the 5 village chiefs (‘kage’) recognize the need for people to work together in order to complete a mission, thus assigning them to groups of three. Whether you’re lost or trying to verify something from your current spot, it’s best to have your phone ready just in case. And yes, a strong internet connection will be excellent.

    3. Know the area

    It’s a basic.If you’re not familiar with the place, then you do something to get more acquainted with the area. Where are you headed? What are the iconic landmarks you can find in your destination. Naruto has given us a good deal of exciting trips across the 5 Hidden villages, and though they’re entirely fictional, we get the point. Before you visit a foreign village, you have to plan ahead. Know the people and their practices. Identify specific hot spots where you will likely get additional information as needed. Now that we can locate places via mobile, there should be no reason why you can’t search for your destination ahead of time. Check the map. Familiarize the landmarks.

    4. Don’t venture out unprepared

    Let’s say you’re familiar with the place and you can speak slightly the local language. This still doesn’t mean that you can just immediately go out and expect everything to turn out fine. If you’re up for a hike at Mt. Fuji for instance, you know better that items like a bottle of water, extra shirt, and all the basic stuff you will need along the way has to be packed. Traveling is not just about your good health. It has a lot to do with bringing
    the right things at the right place. Just like how team 7 (Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura – and Sai at Shippuden) always packs up just before heading to their mission.

    5. Stay calm and eat

    If you’ve tried doing the basics from your end and still find yourself lost and unable to find your way back or to your desired place, then might as well cut yourself some slack and find a nearby local food shop. You can try a popular ramen house in that place or perhaps some authentic yakiniku for a treat. Naruto and his pals don’t fail to eat before or after their mission. Perhaps you just need to stuff your stomach. Gear up, prepare yourself and enjoy your trip!