Budget stay in Japan! Reasonably priced “Super Hotel”!

  • What is Super Hotel

    Super Hotel is a large hotel chain throughout all of Japan. With 124 locations, you can find a Super Hotel wherever you plan to stay. Super Hotel is a business hotel. Business hotels are hotels that mainly cater to business people who travel often, and as such are cheaper than most competitors. While it may cater mostly to business people, don’t think you can’t stay there on vacation. Super Hotels are a great option for those visiting Japan.

    The Hotels are very clean, reasonably priced, the staff is very friendly and helpful, and the website has a robust English site. Furthermore, many of the Super Hotels also have spas. These are really nice. Please note, that if you have tattoos you might be banned from entering the spa. In Japan, there is still a taboo when it comes to tattoos, and in many places people with tattoos are not allowed in. This has been changing quickly, and now many places allow foreigners with tattoos, but there are still places that ban them.

    Personal Experience

    Earlier this year, I gave my wife a weekend vacation from home and the kids and checked her into a Super Hotel. She said that the room was very nice (of course, compared to hotels in America it was very small), and the hotel spa was very relaxing. The hotel staff helped me to save money as well. As I was checking in my wife, they noticed I made a mistake (that would have made them more money, and I wouldn’t have known any better) and they fixed it. This kind of stellar customer service is common throughout Japan. Japan has a wonderful culture of high-quality customer service.

    Many of the hotels not only have spas, nice rooms, and reasonable prices, some locations also include a breakfast buffet. In closing, when staying in Japan a good option is Super Hotel.

    Super Hotel Website

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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