“Gelatoni” the New Tokyo DisneySea Sensation!

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  • In July of last year, DisneySea launched a new line of character goods. The new character, Gelatoni, is an adorable, gray, Italian cat with a blue beret and bright blue eyes to match. The cute story of how Duffy and Gelatoni became friends goes somewhere along the lines of Mickey, Duffy, Minnie and ShellieMay visiting Italy as a part of their travels and when Minnie and ShellieMay went off to shop, Mickey and Duffy went to buy gelato ice cream.

    But suddenly Duffy dropped his Gelato on the ground and Gelatoni, noticing Duffy’s little predicament, dipped his own tail in the melting gelato and began painting with it.

    Yes extremely odd I know but it is endearing! Duffy and Gelatoni continued to paint together and became good friends by the time they both finished.

    Gelatoni Goods

    Gelatoni goods are on sale only in Tokyo DisneySea of course and they are available at McDuck’s Department Store in the American Waterfront, Aunt Peg’s Village Store in the American Waterfront, and Galleria Disney in Mediterranean Harbor. The plush goods are also available at the Sleepy Whale Shop in Mermaid Lagoon.

    Plush Doll (3,900 yen)

    Plush Bag Chain (1,500 yen)

    Plush Cell Phone Strap (1,300 yen)

    Plush Coin/IC Card Case (1,700 yen)

    Other than these items, there are also pens, memos, clear files, shopping bags and tote bags.

    Foods Menu

    Not only are there Gelatoni themed plush dolls, you can also eat Gelatoni themed menus in DisneySea.
    Strawberry Jelly&Caramel Biscuits with a souvenir cup (920 yen) available at Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery:

    Pistachio Gelato & Lemon Jelly with a souvenir cup (920 yen) available at Gondolier Snacks:

    If you ever have a chance to visit DisneySea here in Japan, why not try these sweets or buy yourself a new adorable cat friend?

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