You will be surprised how small the smallest sushi in the world is.

  • Sushi is a dish about a mouthful size, with various toppings.
    The smallest sushi in the world was born from a joke, 14 years ago, in 2001, when a customer said: “I want to eat the smallest sushi in the world.”
    It is a delicate subject which expresses the sensibility and the fine art of Japanese people.

    The sushi maker made many researches and invented a miniature sushi made from one grain of rice.
    A normal sushi is rolled in less than 1 minute, but for a miniature sushi it takes 5 minutes.

    It is made with real topping and, when you eat it, you feel like enjoying a proper sushi.
    I think everybody would like to try it once.

    Store name:Nohachi
    Japanese notation:野八
    Price:around 12,000JPY
    Hours:17:00 〜 26:00