8 Recommended Campsites in all over Japan

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  • In summer, one of the most popular outdoor recreations of all Japanese is camping. From the last week of July until August every year you will see a lot of campers bringing their family, camping car and tents to preferred campsites of Japan.

    At the moment, the country has almost 3,000 campsites. The campsites here in Japan might be different from those in the other countries of Europe and America, but still you can experience the most thrilling and amazing summer camping at them because of the beautiful scenic sports and campgrounds.

    In this article, I will list some of my recommended and favorite campsites around Japan that you can include into your plan for your visit, or into your summer vacation must-do list if you live in Japan.

    Ohara Auto Camp-jo, Chiba


    I’ve been here once and I recommend this campground to you. Campsite staff members I talked to were really helpful and the grounds are clean. The other campers were also really nice and it wasn’t the partying type of campers. There were also families who were there to have a good time and relax.

    tel. (0470-62-8277)

    Nagatoro Auto Camp-jo, Saitama


    If you’re looking for a place to camp beside a river, Nagatoro Camp-jo in Saitama prefecture is the best campsite for you.

    tel. (0494-66-0640)

    Matsukawa Camp-jo, Iwate


    According to some reviews I read about this campsite, Matsukawa Camp-jo is one of the best campsites in Iwate prefecture, because you can still go camping here even in winter times.

    tel. (0195-78-2256)

    Hikawa Camp-jo, Tokyo



    Unlike other campsites, Hikawa Camp-jo is a little bit strict with their rules, such as, bringing pets is strictly prohibited, no fireworks and no karaoke. Please check the things that you want to bring along before visiting this campsite. If you want to know more details about Hikawa Camp-jo you can check their website.

    Hikawa Camping Ground Info *Automatic translation

    tel. (0428-83-2134)

    Nodake-ko park Camp-jo, Saitama


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    They have a children’s playground and a pet exercise area “Doggy beach”, it is also near the lake area and you can go fishing (fishing equipment such as rods and baits are available for rent ar the campsite). If you’re feeling energetic try out one of the campsite hiking trails or the biking trails.

    tel. (0957-55-8254)

    Beppu-shiei Shidakako Camp-jo, Oita


    The campsites are well maintained and clean. There are plenty of toilets and water taps so no need to travel far if necessary. There are 2 shower houses but both are on the Island Lake campground, rowing boats are available to rent on site for all campers.

    tel. (0977-25-3601)

    Kyuka Mura Sanuki Goshikidai Camp-jo, Kanagawa


    Actually Kyukamura area is known for hotels and spa resorts, but kyukamura sanuki also has a campsite for guests who are looking for adventures. Now, If you’re looking for a campsite with crystal clear water and beautiful natural green forest, be sure to book a camping trip to Kyuka Mura Camp-jo, for this place is the best for you.

    Kyukamura Camp Info
    tel. (0877-47-0231)

    Yanagijaya Camp-jo, Tottori



    This is one of the top campsite places in Tottori prefecture for the lively green forest environment surrounding the campsite.

    tel. (0857-20-3227)