Stay in a Reasonable International Onsen Hotel, Shizuoka

  • LaVista Izusan is a hidden gem of Onsen and high standard rooms with great view of Sagami Bay, known as a source of fresh sea food in Kanto area. This apartment-type hotel offers good range of on-site chef made buffet, which is served at dinner and breakfast times, and not to mention, it has it’s natural healing onsen. It is an absolute best place to stay for budget travellers as well as for a group of travellers of all ages. One night per person including two meals starts from around 8,000 JPY.


    Located on Izu peninsula, Eastern side of Shizuoka

    Izusan is a small town on a steep hill of East side of Izu peninsula. It is about 1.5 hour drive from Tokyo on a highway, or on a local road which runs just beside the Sagami Bay. Although you may be surprised how close to the ocean the road is constructed, this guarantees your ‘wow’ driving time in Japan. If you arrive by train, there is a free shuttle bus service from JR Atami station, which only takes you 15 minutes to get to LaVista Izusan.

    Fancy 24h natural or secret rooftop private onsen?


    Calling myself an onsen tester, this is one of my most favourite onsen I have ever tried. You can find main onsen on the ground floor, which is open nearly 24 hours a day. Therefore, I would highly recommend you to try it once you arrived here. It has sauna, which also boosts your detoxication and provides relaxation from busy working and travelling days. There is a private ocean-view onsen available on the rooftop. In-advance booking is required but it is worth experiencing this dynamic scenery on top of the building, with pure water running from a mountain.

    All-you-can-eat buffet is for all food lovers


    The nature of this hotel is very flexible and adaptable for all users. Excellent on-site cooking service is not an exception. At a restaurant, there are warm, fresh, Western or Japanese dishes available, what is more, you can order Tempura you like most using ordering sheet. Tempura chef is there for you to deep fry anything according to your request. Vegetables and sea food are the best things to try there. It will satisfy your appetite along with seasonal main dishes such as Sashimi and hot pot. In the morning, you will enjoy rich Japanese-style breakfast: miso soup, rice, egg rolls and grilled fish. There are freshly baked breads available, as well as fresh juice and warm drinks from coffee to espresso. My recommendation is to go to an onsen before breakfast. It definitely wakes you up and makes you ready for some big breakfast.

    Izusan Shrine, a symbol of success


    In between meals or bathing in an onsen, there is a historical shrine to visit in a vicinity of the hotel. It is called Izusan Shrine, treasured by Shogun Yoritomo Minamoto, as a symbol of reign over the whole country. Two sets of dragons, one is red and the other is white, are also worshipped in this shrine, as they are believed to have carried onsen to this place. Directions can be asked at a hotel reception. They can answer in Japanese, Chinese, or in English to help you. This is very quiet yet powerful mystical place to enjoy the beauty of silence.

    Pets, bed-time noodles, and fireworks


    If you travel with your pets, the hotel will welcome your extended family members by allocating you in a pet-friendly room. Please mention it at the time of your reservation. If you feel like it, there is a bed-time noodle service available between 22:30 to 23:30. Also, Karaoke rooms and Aroma massage are optional to enrich your stay. All-year-round, there are always some interesting events held in Atami area. In wintertime, you can see lovely plum trees in a park, and in summertime and in the end of the year, big firework festivals are held at Atami beach.

    No hesitation, just visit and enjoy


    The reservation can be made through website or making a phone call. Do not hesitate to book a room because of language. LaVista Izusan is one of the tourist-friendly budget Onsen hotels in Sagami Bay, not only for Japanese but also for all nationals.

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