The “Kurushima Strait Bridge” : a dreamlike series of three suspension bridges

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  • Japan is made up of 4 large islands and many smaller islands, totalling as many as 6,852 in all.
    For this reason, the bridges which connect them and the supporting technology have been extensively developed.
    Here, we introduce the Kurushima Strait Bridge in Ehime Prefecture, which has attracted a lot of attention as the first triple suspension bridge in the world.

    The Kurushima Strait Bridge is extremely long, 4,015 meters in total, and connects the island of Oshima in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, with Shikoku.

    Bicycles, mopeds, and cars each have to pay to cross the bridge, but pedestrians are free.
    When visiting, it would be fun to take a relaxing walk across while looking out over the tranquil Seto Inland Sea, wouldn’t it?

    The Kurushima Strait Bridge is picturesque sandwiched between the blue sky and the blue sea, but when it is illuminated at night, it undergoes a transformation from its daytime character to become a romantic sight.
    Viewing the bridge at night, when the beauty of this gigantic architectural structure stands out more clearly, is highly recommended.

    You can also enjoy delicious meals made from fresh seafood recently caught in the environs of the Kurushima Strait Bridge.
    Why not visit the Kurushima Strait Bridge and experience its awe inspiring presence and beauty?