Hitsumabushi: Quality Eel restaurants in Nagoya

  • Did you know that July 27 is “Unagi no Hi” or the Eel day in Nagoya?

    Unagi or barbecued freshwater eel is one of the best foods in Japan. There are many kinds of Unagi dishes in Japan and one of the best is from Nagoya, it is called Hitsumabushi.

    Hitsumabushi is kind of unagi donburi served in a large bowl of rice, with fine eel that is slit open around the belly and is grilled without steaming, there are some toppings which consist of seaweed, wasabi, leeks, and green onions. Sometimes it also eaten with a complimentary soup.

    Some restaurants in Nagoya offer hitsumabushi. Coming to one of these restaurants will definitely be the best idea for the weekend.

    1. Atsuta Horaiken

    This restaurant has been opened since 1873 at Atsuta Jingu Shrine. As this restaurant is quite popular, you have to queue if you want to eat here during weekends. However it is worth to wait this delicious meal. While you are waiting, you can spend the time at Atsuta shrine.
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    2. Unagi Washoku Shirakawa Joshin-Shop

    This restaurant was established in 1953. It serves famous and original hitsumabushi eel. For other menus, this restaurant also offers banquet meals and ala carte dishes. You can take it home or get it delivered if ordering for five people or more.
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    3. Ibasho

    This is a hitsumabushi restaurant in a Japanese traditional wooden townhouse. Enjoy hitsumabushi here by sitting on tatami mats. Koi pond in the middle of the restaurant is also giving this place a very peaceful Japanese feeling. You can enjoy Hitsumabushi in 3 ways: plain, with seasoning, and with seasoning and green tea. If you want to eat here, please bring cash as they do not accept credit cards.
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    4. Sanpuku

    This restaurant looks like a small old house in the middle of tall buildings. In this restaurant, you can get eel from deep ocean water and grilled over kishu oak charcoal that makes the eel tender inside and crispy on the outside.
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