Mia Pizza, The Best Pizzeria in Kumamoto

  • For a small city, Kumamoto sure isn’t short of interesting places to eat. Whether you preferences are for delicacies of Japan or abroad, Kumamoto will provide. If pizza is what you’re in the mood for, check out Mia Pizza, located near Route 3.


    Mia Pizza can be found in a roadside trailer close to Route 3. It’s easy missed, being sandwiched between buildings the way it is, so keep your eyes peeled. In the winter the seating area beckons you into its cosy interior – the plastic walled gazebos are decked out with outdoor benches and chairs, warm blankets and even a kerosene heater that makes the alfresco style restaurant a comfortable place to be, even when it’s cold. In the summer, the gazebos are open to the elements and it’s wonderful to sit in the sun with your meal.


    The owner of the business was trained in Italy, making the pizzas of an authentic quality. You feel like you’re in a real Italian pizzeria. The only difference is that Mia Pizza is perhaps even more general with cheese than you’d except in Italy. There are several options of toppings to choose from, as well as lunchtime sandwiches and side orders.

    The summer menu includes Shrimp and Tomato with basil sauce, Bismark, Porcini, Margarita, Shrimp and Avocado, 4 kinds of cheese, Bolognaise, Mentaiko and Pepperoni. In the winter, other seasonal choices were Piccante and the intriguing Yuzu and chicken. Plenty of choices, catering for vegetarians, fish lovers and carnivores alike. Recently, they’ve even started doing a dessert option – chocolate and marshmallow pizza, wow!

    From my personal experience, I can tell you that both of the shrimp pizza’s are fantastic, as is the porcini (mushroom) and Bolognaise. The mushroom pizza was deliciously creamy, the shrimps are large and the quantity of cherry tomatoes was very generous. The thick, oily cheese was the best part of all – the pizza was drowning in cheese. Amazing, and seeing as the owner is properly trained, the pizza base is not too thick, and it cooks in a matter of minutes.

    Pizza prices range from 800 Yen (small size) to 1,400 Yen (medium – the perfect size for one hungry Westerner) and 2,000 Yen (big size – for two people or more.) For more details, see the Mia Pizza page.