2 Great Wine Bars and Restaurants in Central Tokyo

  • As you may know, Japan is a country where people often prefer to drink beer, whiskey, shochu or sake. But did you know that Japanese people also love wine? If you like wine as well, and if you want to share your passion with others, then here are a few but highly recommended wine bars in Tokyo.

    1. Quand l’appetit va tout va

    Yes the name is long and very difficult for those who can’t pronounce French, but this wine bar is a must-go if you really like wine! It is actually a French restaurant, therefore you can also enjoy delicious food. This high-quality food can be ordered as a pre-fixed course or as separate dishes.

    Regarding wine, this restaurant has a pretty decent collection of various wines, so that you can either come here for a glass and enjoy yourself or come here with friends and enjoy your time. The atmosphere is pretty casual with wooden features and you will mainly feel relaxed!

    It is conveniently located in Azabu Juban near Roppongi area. Just take a train or bus from Roppongi station to Azabu Juban station.


    2. Wine bar Mayu

    This bar is amazing! It has over 400 kinds of wine from 13 different countries, so you’ll definitely find your favorite one! Moreover, it has a 2000-bottle wine cellar and a sommelier ready to give you plenty of advices!

    As a matter of fact, Mayu means ‘cocoon’ in English and it’s so because the indoors is made so you and your friends can feel like you’re in a “cocoon”. Tables are cozy and there are holes in the wall!

    It is located in Shibuya which is perfect if you want to get some relaxation in this busy area. In addition, the bar offers menu à la carte which is has great foods!


    Featured Image: jp.fotolia.com/

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