Top 8 Indispensable Summer Items From 100 Yen Shops in Japan

  • The 100 yen shops

    100 yen shop is your best friend of all while in Japan. You can get a lot of cute and useful products in it. As it is the onset of the summer season in Japan, like in all other shops, 100 yen shops have special summer products. Let’s find some useful and cheap products to use this summer!


    1. Hand fans

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    Various types of hand fans are available in the 100 yen shops. The Japanese style folding fans known as Sensu made of paper and wood are available in cute designs and verious colours. You can choose your favourite one at a low cost and enjoy the summer with it. The other kind of fan with a long and rigid shape usually having a wooden or plastic skeleton and a paper covering is called Uchiwa, and is also available in cute designs and various sizes.

    2. Hats

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    You can find a number of hats in a 100 yen shop. They are available in various shapes, colours and even meant for various uses. Like the boaters hat, cute hats with flowers for girls, sports hats and etc. There are hats that are sometimes 200 or 300 yen even though the it is technically a 100 yen shop.

    3. Scarf

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    Cute summer scarfs can also be found in the 100 yen shops. But as the length and width of the scarf increases the prive will be hiking up to some 200 or 300 yen like for the hat. But you can find your favourite colours and designs and keep yourself protected from the hot sun rays.

    4. Summer slippers

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    Unlike during other seasons, wearing socks and shoes is a bit difficult during the summer. So you can find summer slippers for local use in a 100 yen shop. There are slippers available in various designs and colours. You can find cute Japanese style patterns on most of these slippers. In case of ladies, the size of the slippers will be usually available up to 25.5 cm only. But sometimes they have even bigger sizes. Since the Japanese are having small size feet, it is hard for the foreigners with much bigger sizes to find a pair of slippers or shoes in Japanese stores. But still you most likely will be able to find some slippers here at a 100 yen shop.

    5. Ice pillows

    You can find an ice pack in a 100 yen shop that can be used while sleeping. You have to keep it in a refrigerator to cool it once it becomes warm, and then it can be used again. There are even small ice packets that you can wrap across your neck or other body parts to keep yourself cool during the hot daytime.

    6. Handkerchiefs / towels

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    You may carry a towel with you to wipe off the seat during travel, or yourself after a hot walk. It is common in Japan for most people to carry a handkerchief with them during summer. There is no need to hesitate to use a towel during these hot days. And you may find a lot of handkerchiefs, for ladies, gents, and kids available at 100 yen shops.

    7. Arm cover

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    Along with the scarfs and hats, you can find the arm covers for summer to protect your arms and hands from the harmful hot sun. In summer people often wear half sleeves or sleeveless dresses and the rest of your arm will be exposed to the sun once you get outside. You can use colourful and cheap arm covers from 100 yen shops to protect your arms and hands.

    8. Sunscreen lotions and creams

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    The beauty sections of the 100 yen shops have a lot of items and there you can find the most useful summer items: the sunscreen lotions.
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