The oldest archaeological ruin in the world? The mystery of the underwater giant monolith

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  • Is it the oldest archaeological ruin in the world, or a fluke of nature…?
    There is an underwater rock formation that is the focus of a hot debate off the coast of Yonaguni island, a popular spot for diving. The monolith, found by a diver, just lies there majestically, silently and without words.
    Let’s contemplate together as we admire the beautiful underwater images.

    The monolith in question has a perimeter of over several hundred meters.
    With features like a gap that is just wide enough for a person to pass and marks that appear like they were made by humans, it was thought at the time of discovery that this was a ruin.
    If it is, estimated to be from over 10,000 years ago, this may be the oldest ruin in the world.
    This got the people of Okinawa very excited.

    However, without any conclusive evidence that the formations were man-made, the debate continues whether this is a ruin or a natural formation.
    Either way, the site has gained popularity nationally as a tourist spot and has since thrived with divers visiting to get one look of the unique underwater formations.

    There are many features within the Yonaguni formations that seem too peculiar to be of a natural origin.
    The heart-shaped ceiling of the underwater palace is very romantic. Even if the formations were a fluke of nature, we cannot help but admire the mysterious and wonderful power of nature.