Overview of 4 of the Greatest Japanese Sports

  • In a country such as Japan, sports have been holding an important place in the national culture. Japanese sports are also known worldwide and many foreigners wish to practice and to learn new techniques. Moreover, plenty of tourists come to see the local sports shows. If you’re interested in sports, then this article is for you.

    1. Kyudo

    You might have heard about this sport as it is widely known. It is often considered to be an archery art, which is also called Kyujutsu, and originated from the Samurai, now there are more than 130,000 International players! The equipment is simple, but impressive: the Japanese bow, which is called Yumi, is pretty long (2m!). Then you need ‘Ya’, which are bamboo shafts, and a ‘Yugoke’ which is a glove.

    However, the unique thing about Kyudo is not the equipment but its technique. In fact, it is quite difficult to shoot because you have to follow eight strict steps and drawing hand is held behind the ear, so, if you don’t follow the technique properly you will hurt your ear!

    2. Sumo

    It is perhaps the most famous and most known sport of Japan! It is a kind of wrestling that originated from Shinto rituals. When you come to Japan you should definitely go to a Sumo event because it is very impressive.

    3. Kendo

    Kendo is less famous compared to Judo or Karate, but it is still a greatly practiced sport in Japan. A kendoist is equipped with a bamboo sword called Shinai and an armor called Bogu.

    The purpose of kendo is to hit your opponent in four specific areas of the body, which are the head, the trunk, the forearm and the throat. A contest lasts five minutes and whoever scores two points wins the game.

    4. Aikido

    It is a very complicated martial art that requires physical and psychological self-mastering. Aikido is performed by blending with the motion of the attacker instead of directing attacking.