Spend Your Holidays on the Amazing Shikoku Island!

  • Most people visit only the biggest island of Japan, Honshu, but if you have time you should definitely visit the smallest of the four main islands, Shikoku. This article will show you how attractive Shikoku could be and that it is totally worth to plan a trip there!


    The name “Shikoku” means four provinces, or counties, which are currently named Kagawa Prefecture located in the North-East corner, Kochi Prefecture which is in the southern part of the island, Ehime Prefecture at the North-West corner and Tokushima Prefecture which is also at the North-East part of the island.

    If you are an adventure lover or a spirituality seeker then you should try to do Shikoku Pilgrimage which consists of visiting 88 temples all over the island!

    Kagawa Prefecture

    Ritsurin Park

    One of the many sorts of Sanuki Udon

    Despite being the smallest prefecture in Japan, Kagawa holds rich traditions and history, and also had very interesting things to do! In fact, you can enjoy a lovely promenade at Ritsurin Park, or visit some of the temples (temple 66 to 88 of the Pilgrimage). You can also enjoy hiking, beaches or even shopping. Furthermore, we highly recommend you to try the local foods, especially Sanuki Udon which is very tasty wheat-based noodles.

    Tokushima Prefecture


    Mostly mountainous, the area is perfect for hikers or pilgrims, as it is home to the first 23 temples. It is also very famous for its Awa Dori Dance Festival!

    Ehime Prefecture

    Dogo Onsen

    The name of the Prefecture translates into “beautiful princess”, as the scenery is just amazing and beautiful. If you go there do not miss the chance to visit Matsuyama Castle and if you want to relax then just go to Dogo Onsen. As for pilgrimage temples, 40 through 65 are located here.

    Kochi Prefecture

    Kochi Castle

    Kochi Castle is a must-see, especially if you like marketplaces. Indeed, you can find local food such as grilled fish called Katsuo Tataki, or enjoy a few glasses of sake! In addition, you can visit Ryugado Cave or go to the wonderful Katsurahama beach. You might also have a chance to attend some festival and see the Yosakoi Dance!

    To go there

    Tokushima, the main city of Kagawa Prefecture, is connected with Kobe via Awaji-Shima. You can take the bus as the Island is connected with Honshu by the huge and amazing bridges. Moreover, ANA or Japan Airlines flights also go to the main city of the island.