Trendy Japanese Nail Art Fashion: Techniques and Tools

  • There is no arguing that Japanese love for fashion is evident. From their eclectic choice of clothes, to color mixing and matching, not to mention their love for accessories, especially shoes, Japan has its own trademark. But their unique and cute fashion statements do not limit to their apparels, it extends to their choice of hairstyles, makeup and, especially, nails. You would love Japanese nail fashion. There isn’t a better place in the world which showcases wide range of nail art than Japan. From simple lacquered nails to unique glittering ensembles, Japanese nail artists totally nailed it. Even their monochromatic designs are although simple yet are very artistry and elegant.

    Japanese Techniques and Tools

    Japan nail art starts with manicure and pedicure followed by the application of acryl, nail gel or polish. But it does not end there, depending on the design, elements such as stickers, nail art pen, glitters and even ribbons and gems are added to the procedure creating very cute and unique works of art.


    Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 7.32.39 PM

    Nail Art 3

    One of the most popular tools in Japanese Nail Art is the nail pen. It makes dotting, lining and even drawing far easier than using paint and brush. They are often used by Do-It-Yourselfers as, like any other pen used for writing, it makes the art faster, easier and more neat.


    Nail Art 4

    Next to pens is glitter. It may be simple, but it definitely adds sparkle to the simple lacquered nails.

    Studs, Rhinestones, Ribbon, etc..

    Nail Art 5

    Nail Art 7

    Another tool that makes Japanese nail art fashion different from that in many other countries is adding studs, rhinestones, and plastic beads. They are attached to the nail or nail extenders using glue, creating cute 3D nail designs.


    Nail Art 9

    Nail Art 10

    Another nail art tool iconic to Japan are the stickers. From simple cartoon character decals to 3D stickers. What makes stickers so popular among Japanese is the wide range of designs. Everything you can think of is easy to put on stickers. Ribbons, shapes, cartoon characters and even gems can easily be adhered on nails, making nail art easier for everyone.