Shizuoka weekend getaway and amazing views of Fuji-San!

  • If you are in Tokyo and you are thinking of a getaway for the weekend then you should definitely plan to go to Shizuoka. It is quite close to Tokyo and there are several things to do around!

    Within Prefecture of Shizuoka, there is, of course, the city of Shizuoka, which is a medium sized Japanese city. It is located halfway between Nagoya and Tokyo making it very easy to reach by train or bus.

    Places to visit in Shizuoka


    The first place we recommend you to visit is Shimizu Port. In fact, it is quite a pleasant and beautiful port where you can observe the massive Mount Fuji! On a clear day, the ensemble of the port and the volcano is just astonishing. There, you can also have a dinner and do some shopping because there is a very cool shopping mall called S-Pulse Dream Plaza. In this small mall, you can also visit Shimizu Sushi Museum and learn more about sushi.


    Ten minutes walk from JR Shizuoka Station you can find the very interesting Sumpu Castle, and there is also a Sumpu Park where you can see a statue of the famous Tokugawa dynasty founder.

    A place not to miss near Shizuoka City is Miho Beach. Indeed, it will give you an amazing view of both Mt Fuji and the beach. There are several pine trees along the beach, but one of them is believed to be 650 years old! It is called Hagoromo no Matsu. Walking or cycling is a must-do to enjoy the beach.


    If you want another scenic ensemble with Mt Fuji, then you should look for the tea fields around the city. You can get amazing views of either the city and the tea fields or Mt Fuji and the tea fields. By the way, drinking tea in Shizuoka is a must-do because it is renowned for its taste and healthy benefits. Lastly, if you do not want to stay in town and you are looking for an adventure, just try to climb Fuji-San!
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