Spend a day in Ginza: the Must-Visit Places!

  • Ginza is a district that is located in Chuo, Tokyo. This is a popular shopping area that consists of various department stores, coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques and supermarkets. Ginza is also well known as the biggest shopping district that offers high-end branded products. In short, Ginza is a paradise for those who love shopping.

    What are the most fun things that you can do there?

    1. Have a culinary flashback

    Dating back in 1950, new castle’s ‘karat rice’ is not only famous for its rich assortment of spices. The pork, ample veggies and fruits will make you travel back to the Showa era.
    Place: New Castle 3-E

    2. Enjoy original coffee

    Ginza is well known of its coffee shops. One of the coffee shops was opened in 1936. Come to this nostalgic place through a pivot door theist back and enjoy a cup of well-brewed beverage with home-made apple pie and eclairs.
    Place: Tricolore Honten 3-C

    3. Buy flowers from all around Japan

    Unlike usual florist shops, this place primarily stocks wild grass. Their stock comes from all the areas Japan that has a particular charm.
    Place: Nonohana Tsukasa 3-D

    4. Have most up-to-date technology knowledge

    Impressive showroom and event hall where exhibition for tech geeks are frequently held. it also has Sony Imaging Gallery that was opened in 2014 and shows the works and videos by Sony.
    Place: Sony Building 2-C

    5. Renew your stationery collection

    Christmas2017 「星降る夜の物語」 . しんと冷えこむ静かな冬の夜 空にはオーロラがゆらめき、星々が輝いています . 雪原を歩くキツネたちが夜空を見上げ ひときわ明るい星を見つけました . 「あっちの星を見てごらん。とっても綺麗に光っているよ」 「とっても きらきらしているね」 . もっと近くで見たくなったキツネは星に向かって願いごとをします . 「空を飛べますように。星をもっと近くでみたい!」 . その想いは強くなり、やがて願いが星に届きます . キツネたちはうれしそうに駆けまわり、 夜空の世界を楽しみました . あなたの願いも、星に届きますように 🌟

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    This store is a happy place for those who like to upgrade their stationary. It sells interesting stationary and Japanese calligraphy goods. Another building provides art tools, globes and fountain pens.
    Place: Itoya 3-D and 2-E

    6. Visit toys paradise Hakuhinkan

    These are four stores that are full of Japanese favourite toys including games, animals and character merchandise. The total stock is around 200,000 items.
    Place: Hakuhinkan

    7. Get a modern kimono

    Kimono, the Japanese traditional clothes, has been re-designed to fit in the 21st century. The creator uses the newest domestic silk. The shop is located on the main Ginza Street and makes everyone turn their heads.
    Place: Motoji 3-D

    8. Visit a meat paradise

    The very best wage meats are all displayed at this place, that specialises in shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. You can also book a private room with an onsite cooking service.
    Place: Ginza Yoshizawa 3-D

    9. See a kabuki play

    #歌舞伎座 #銀座 #夜景 #灯り

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    The theatre was built in 1889 and got restored in 2013. Kabuki-za theatre is an iconic symbol of Ginza, and is one of the biggest Kabuki theatres in all of Japan.
    Place: Kabuki-za theater 4-D

    These are only a few things that you can do in Ginza, but this place offers more things that one can do in a day. Just come visit Ginza and have some amazing time here!

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