Do you know taiyaki, which every Japanese person has tried before?

  • Taiyaki is a sweet made by baking red bean paste in a fish-shaped shell.
    Tai means Red snapper.
    But this is a Japanese sweets rather than fish.

    It has been enjoyed by Japanese people throughout history, and its popularity shows no signs of waning. Controversy has erupted over whether it should be eaten from the head or the tail.
    Here are some famous taiyaki shops doing business in Tokyo, so give them a try sometime.

    Wakaba @Yotsuya

    Taiyaki fans love this shop’s crispy shells stuffed with red bean paste!
    It is considered to be one of the “Big Three” Tokyo taiyaki shops.

    Japanese notation:わかば

    Naniwaya @Azabujuban

    This member of the Tokyo Big Three has over 100 years of history, having been established in 1909!
    Their reserved sweetness is a nostalgic delight, and draws fans from all age groups.

    Japanese notation:浪花屋

    Yanaghiya @Ningyocho

    This is the last member of the Big Three.
    The taiyaki are individually roasted over charcoal and the shells are crispy.
    It’s recommended to eat them while they’re hot after purchase.

    Japanese notation:柳屋