“Dagashi”: The Most Nostalgic Japanese Snacks

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  • Like in every country, there are some sweets and snacks that adults have a certain nostalgia for. One would save up pocket money, check the coins twice or three times before purchasing and calculating a hundred times to check if there is a way of getting ‘more’ for the same money. Numerous childhood memories are preserved in these and in Japan those sweets and snacks are called ‘dagashi’ (駄菓子).

    These cheap sweets are still extremely popular, even among adults. There are tons of different kinds, and most of the times old designs are kept original.

    1. Fugashi ふ菓子

    Flavoured with brown sugar, these sweets have a fluffy texture to them. They are sold in various sizes and shapes, with different amounts of sugar, but most common shape is cylindric.

    2. Wata âme わたあめ

    The Japanese version of cotton candy. Fresh made these are sold at summer festivals, too, but a good ‘dagashi-ya’ (Dagashi-shop) should have them in their product range at all times.

    3. Katto Yocchan カットよっちゃん


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    ‘Cut Yocchan’ is dried squid. Think of the fishy version of beef jerky.

    4. Mochi taro 餅太郎

    A bit salty and crispy, this deep fried snack is perfect in its amount. It is not to too much, not too little.

    5. Baby star ramen ベビースターラーメン

    Resembling raw instant ramen, this snack was first sold in 1959 for only 5¥. Today, more than half a decade later, the average price for it is 32¥/pack.

    6. Ramune ラムネ

    There are various types of ‘ramune’. Originally it was soda, so ‘ramune’ sweets usually have soda flavours.

    7. Big katsu ビッグかつ

    Resembling a ‘katsu’ steak, this snack is a crispy and a bit salty. If you check the ingredients, you will be surprised to find no beef, pork or chicken. It is made of fish!

    8. Milky ミルキー

    With Peko-chan as the mascot, these milky soft/hard candies are creamy and tasty.

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