The top 10 tallest buildings in Tokyo that overwhelm with their presence

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  • The appeal of Japan is the existence of traditional buildings, such as the Inari Taisha or the Ginkakuji, etc., as well as modern buildings.
    This time, we will introduce the top 10 tallest buildings in Tokyo, Japan’s largest city.

    No.10:Shinjuku center building

    An eye-catching Nishi-Shinjuku skyscraper with a brown exterior.
    Completed by assembling state-of-the-art layered construction methods, etc.

    Japanese notation:新宿センタービル

    No.9:Shinjuku mitsui building

    Completed in 1974. It is the oldest building among the top 10, but it does not at all feel old because the exterior effectively utilizes a black frame.
    Compared with skyscrapers that were built in the same era, it is characteristic for its many glass surfaces.
    At one time, it was the tallest building in Japan.

    Japanese notation:新宿三井ビルディング

    No.8:Tokyo opera city

    The New National Theater, Tokyo, is the first theater in Japan dedicated to opera. It was built to take advantage of its air rights.

    Japanese notation:東京オペラシティ

    No.7:Shinjuku park tower

    Three towers of varying heights lined up next to each other.
    Close in proximity and design to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the feel of the material matches.

    Japanese notation:新宿パークタワー

    No.6:Roppongi hills mori tower

    The embodiment of the “vertical garden city” advocated by Mori Building, this is one of the most high-profile buildings in Japan.
    The total floor area is an overwhelming 380,000 square meters.
    Compared to buildings of the same level, it boasts a scale that is in a different class.

    Japanese notation:六本木ヒルズ森タワー

    No.5:Sunshine 60

    The tower symbol of Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City. An observation floor has been established on the 60th story above the ground floor. Because of the elevation above sea level, one can expect powerful scenery that is more than the actual height.

    Japanese notation:サンシャイン60

    No.4:NTT Docomo Yoyogi building

    Its distinctive silhouette is reminiscent of the Empire State Building in New York.
    The lower floors are offices, and on the higher floors exchangers are lined up in a communications center.
    A steel tower is housed within the interior of the setback portion, and including that the height is 272 meters.

    Japanese notation:NTTドコモ代々木ビル

    No.3:Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No.1

    While 20 years have passed since its construction, it still has not faded as the enshrined leader of Nishi-Shinjuku.

    Japanese notation:東京都庁第一本庁舎

    No.2:Toranomon hills

    A new place of interest that opened in June 2014. While its height has been officially stated as 247 meters, at the highest point it is 255.5 meters, effectively making it number one in Tokyo. It has various functions, including offices, residences, a hotel, and commercial facilities.

    Japanese notation:虎ノ門ヒルズ

    No.1 :Tokyo MIDTOWN tower

    Tokyo Midtown is a landmark that was born from the redevelopment of a 10 hectares Defense Agency site. The design puts emphasis on harmony that has a sense of unity.
    Overall, it has a roomy space design.

    Japanese notation:東京ミッドタウン ミッドタウン・タワー

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