Godzilla Reviews: “Godzilla Raids Again,1955” or the Fight of the Monster Masters!

  • King of All Sequels?

    After the smashing success of the first Godzilla film, TOHO rushed the production of another Godzilla film. From the release of the original, they completed filming of the sequel within six months! So, they made the whole film in only half a year, and boy does it show…

    While the first Godzilla film is a masterpiece that people today still look to as a template, the sequel is perfectly average and forgettable. The one thing that makes this film more interesting is that this is the first time Godzilla battles another monster.


    After more nuclear tests, another Godzilla is created, and he is not alone. A new giant monster arises with him, Angilas. The two monsters battle each other and destroy every their path all the way to Osaka, while the Japanese forces (now with no weapon to use against this new Godzilla) do all they can to stop them.


    As I mentioned before, this second film was very rushed. This rush is very easily seen throughout the film. The special effects and story are nowhere near the original’s equal. There is one shot, where we see Godzilla as seen by an air pilot, and Godzilla is very clearly a toy. If fact, it was a toy. It was the wind-up toy that they had originally planned to be moving, but the director and producers thought it looked too fake they decided to shoot it still. Well, it doesn’t look too much better. There is another interesting goof. Due to the short production time, they used a lot more stock footage. In one scene, we see a club in Osaka. The stock footage used was from World War II, and you can see the WWII era Imperial rising sun flag side by side with the Nazi Swastika.
    One final interesting piece of trivia, when this movie originally came to America, due to copyright issues, the studio could not use Godzilla. So, they titled the film, “Gigantis, the Fire Monster”. It would not be featured until 2014 where Warner Brothers would be able to use “Godzilla”. Overall, this is a good one to skip (unless you are a Godzilla purist).

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