All About the 3 Main Japanese Dialects

  • There are many dialects in Japan and distinctive peculiarities, three dialects stand out as the most prominent. So, if you want to sound like a local, keep the differences in mind.

    1. Fukuoka Dialect

    Fukuoka is situated on Kyushu island and is one of the top 10 most livable places on Earth. According to history, Fukuoka region got invaded by the Mongols in the early 13th century. To protect the region from the Mongol invasion, the Samurai laid a foundation to a military base with protected walls. That is how the Fukuoka city was founded. The Fukuoka dialect is spoken in and around the city of Fukuoka near Hakata Bay area. It has unique distinctions which make it popular among Japanese from other islands as well. The dialect is called “Hakata Ben” and is regarded as a most distinct dialect of Japanese. Grammar and writing style also changes. Many news channels and radio stations in Fukuoka region use the dialect as well.

    2. Osaka Dialect

    Osaka Dialect, “Osaka Ben” or “Kansai Ben” is one of the most distinguishable dialects of Japanese. It is spoken in Kansai region of Japan in and around Osaka prefecture. Osaka people are easily noticed due to their accent as they most frequently omit articles and talk faster. The main reason for the uniqueness of this dialect is due to the extensive trade links of Osaka with foreign countries in the past. It is known to be one of the major trade blocks of Japan throughout history.

    3. Chugoku Dialect

    Chugoku Dialect or “Hiroshima Ben” is one of the most popular dialects of Japanese mostly seen in the Northwestern part of Kansai, in Chugoku region. It is famously known as “Mafia accent” or “Yakuza accent” due to its constant use in Japanese gangster films. Even though there are many other dialects of Japanese, the above three stand as the most unique and popular.

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