Tin Toy Collection Near Narita Airport

  • Right in front of Narita train station, the newly opened Narita Bungei Center, otherwise known as the Skytown Hall and Gallery is hosting a new event. The Teruhisa Kitahara event features a huge tin toy collection and a lecture on how to enjoy collecting objects and 10 ways to be lucky. A mini toy evaluation is a part of the lecture. The lecture took place on the 19th of July at the Skytown Hall from 2 PM.

    About Mr. Kitahara

    Born in 1948 in Tokyo, Japan, Mr. Kitahara is one of the precursors of tin toy collecting all around the world. After travelling to Europe in college for skiing, he was touched by the culture there that valued objects. He began collecting posters, old clocks etc. and later met tin toys at the home of a designer friend. After opening his Tin Toy Museum in Yokohama in 1986, he has become widely known to the world as a tin toy collector. For 6 years from 2003, he hosted an event called 「Tin Toy Stories Made in Japan」at Disney World in Florida, America. His long years of collecting antique tin toys have provided him with the wisdom and experience of spending one’s life pursuing whatever one is passionate about, which led to his numerous inspirational publishings.

    The Kitahara Collection

    Mr. Kitahara’s expansive tin toy collection is on display from July 18th to July 26th from 10 AM to 5 PM at the Skytown Gallery. The admission id free. The Skytown Gallery is extremely close to JR Narita Station. Why not spend some time visiting this historically important step in the long history of toys? If you have some time before or after using Narita airport, this may be a nice place to stop by!

    If you don’t have time to stop by this exhibition, make sure to visit his other exhibitions in 2015

    Free of admission.

    Adult: JPY700.