Know your Figures: Figma vs Nendroid

  • Nendoroid and Figma are action figures made by Good Smile Company. Both are favourite collectables of Otaku, they use characters from anime, manga or video games as the models.

    Many people are still confused, which one is nendroid and which one is figma because they just have never heard about it. Actually, nendoroid and figma are slightly different in style, size, and price. Let’s see what makes nendoroid and sigma different:


    Nendoroid (ねんどろいど nendoroido) is a plastic figure made of ABS and PVC, with the first nendoroid being made in 2006. It has a large head and smaller body which makes it look like chibi. Nendoroid body parts including their faces are changeable, so you can put them in various poses and give them various facial expressions. Usually, a box of Nendoroid, includes optional parts such as weapon or other items. The original Nendoroid Box from Good Smile Company has a 10 cm height figures, smaller Nendoroid Petite figures, and additional tools such as playsets.
    The Nendoroid Petite (ねんどろいどぷち) is smaller than the regular and is approximately 6.5 cm, and has a small stand to display the figure. Sometimes, they are sold in a set, such as LoveLive! Nendoroid Petitle set.
    The Nendoroid Playsets (ねんどろいどプレイセット) are small dioramic rooms used as a displaying setting for the Nendoroid, produced by Phat! Company.

    Currently, Nendoroids are sold for about 3000 to 4000 yen. The most popular Nendoroid products are made by Good Smile Company. Some Nendoroids come from other companies, such as FREEing and Phat! Company. Nendoroid Petite are sold for around 800 yen, while the playsets are sold at various prices.


    Figma (フィグマ) is a Japanese hand-sized action figures with focus on high articulation. The body parts including head, hands and feet are made in same proportions as they are in humans. It is made from ABS and PVC. The first figma was released on January 31, 2008.
    Figma is around 13 cm in height, but it depends on the character. Each figma is usually sold with some different expressions and optional extras items. Parts can also be used by different figmas that makes it more fun. Each figure is sold with a special stand used to hold the figma up, so it can make various poses.
    There are three types of figmas, and their codes differ:
    Regular edition: Three-digit product codes, such as 001
    Special edition: “SP” followed with three-digit product codes, such as SP001 which usually bundled with a video game, manga or DVD.
    Limited edition: “EX” followed with three-digit product codes, such as EX001.
    Figma series also sell optional items:
    di:stage is a 10cmx10cm stage to display figma figures with multiple joints.
    ex:ride is a set of vehicles that can be ridden by figma, such as bicycles, motorbikes, and more.

    The price of a normal figma is about 4,000 to 8,000 yen. Di:stages are sold for about 500 to 1000 yen. The ex:rides are sold for various prices from 1000 to 6000 yen.

    Good Smile Company *Automatic translation