Have you ever spent coffee time with ’Owl’ ?

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    If you’re looking for a different kind of cafe experience why not head to Osaka for the chance to get up close and personal with some adorable owls! Just a short walk from Minami morimachi station, (just head south through the covered shopping arcade and it’s straight ahead as you come out).

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    The cafe works on a first come first served system, (no reservations) and you go in for an hour so make sure to get there in plenty of time or you’ll have to wait for the next slot! Sessions start on the hour from 12 pm with the last chance to get in at 7 pm, closing at 8 pm.

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    Once inside the first step is to decide on if you want soft drinks or a beer while you’re there, (we had a beer!) and the staff give you a quick explanation of how it works and the rules for interacting with the owls. So once they’d let us know how to hold the different owls and warned us that they can’t help having “accidents” so it’s a good idea to have a towel on hand just in case! (Don’t worry if you forget- they rather sensibly sell towels there!) We were lucky as there was only one owl who couldn’t keep it in and it missed everyone when it went!

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    When we were there the owls were really well behaved and seemed perfectly happy being handled. There’s lots of different owls at the cafe and they rotate the “working” owls each time so they don’t get stressed out. There was quite a selection of owls for us to interact with of different shapes and sizes. Some you can hold on your arm, some are so big you can just pose for a picture with as they’d be too heavy to hold and some of the smaller owls can perch on your arm, shoulder, or even your head if you’re brave!
    Great way to spend an afternoon in Osaka!
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