How Powerful is Japan Compared to the Rest of the World?

  • Japan is an archipelago consisting of nearly 4000 islands in the North Pacific region of Far-East Asia. If you think Japan is a small country with limited resources, strength and economy, you are mistaken. With an area larger than Germany and almost equivalent to California, it is certainly not an island group that can be ignored. It is the tenth most populous country in the world and also has the highest number of residents living in urban areas. The Greater Tokyo Area has a population of 35 million.


    Economic Might of Japan



    Albeit it is known as a frequent sufferer of natural calamities, Japanese economy is very stable. In the 70s, it has emerged as the world’s richest country. Even now, it is the third largest economy in the world after China and US. According to the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), it holds a respectable 4th position after China, US and India. Japan is the third largest automobile manufacturer and the world’s largest electronics hub. 62 out of Fortune 500 global companies were based in Japan in 2013. It is the world`s largest creditor nation with a surplus amount of reserves. It has a very high quality of life and it constantly comes in the top of World’s best innovative countries. Japanese hold more number of patents than any other country in the world outside US. Albeit Japan has a strong and vibrant economy, many people argue that Japanese yen is still weak. However, with a weaker currency, Japanese tend to boost exports.

    The Military Might of Japan

    Although Japan cannot declare war by itself after the WW2 and is a peace loving nation, it still holds a modern military with world’s 8th largest military budget. Japan, because of its past invasions and aggressive militarization in the early 20th century, has acquired a ‘Great Power’ status. It is a member of G7, G8 and G20. It is certainly a decision maker on a global scale. Japan has a constant standoff with China over territorial disputes. Also, Japan has lost some of its former territories such as Sakhalin to Russia due to post world-war compromises. However, Japan has more allies than foes when it comes to military strategy. Japan has more trainer air crafts and destroyers than any other Asian country. Japan also has sophisticated anti-satellite and anti-missile systems. It has defense partnerships with US, Australia and India.