Japanese Figures From 120 Years Ago are Revived as Color Photographs

  • Nowadays, Japanese people have few opportunities to wear such traditional Japanese clothes as a kimono or hakama. But 100 years ago, many people wore traditional Japanese clothes in daily life.
    What is shown here are photographs that were taken around 1910, or about 125 years ago from now. They were taken for the purpose of attracting tourists from overseas.

    Of course, at that time the photos were in black and white, but with current technology they have been revived as color photographs.
    After war and rapid economic growth, how much has Japan changed in the past 100 years?
    Please use your imagination while looking at these photos.

    Women in reading

    Women who in watching a flower

    Women Who in watching the creek

    In chat under the parasol

    Parent and child playing with “kazaguruma”

    Ship to go the sea

    During a break in the park

    Traditional bridge of Japan

    Solemn Buddha

    Agriculture women who pluck the tea

    downing the river in a boat

    Preparation for the Festival

    Time of family reunion

    During sleeping in the futon

    In the rain , women across the bridge

    Vibrant boulevard