An unique concept: “One−person Only” Cafe in Tokyo

  • Atmosphere

    From the outside, Kekkojin Milk Hall looks like a normal Japanese home. But actually, it is a cafe that is specifically for people who come alone.

    Kekkojin Milk Hall3

    There are only eight seats within the cafe and each of them is made for one person. So basically, this cafe is for people who want to spend time alone or want to get their work, studies or reading done. The interior of the shop is reminiscent of the Showa period in Japan. With soft lighting, this cafe has a very nice and calming atmosphere.

    Kekkojin Milk Hall4

    The cafe is filled with bookshelves where you can pick from yourself. Many people come in with a book to read or some other thing to do but even if you come without anything, in particular, you can enjoy the wide selection of vintage books available at the cafe. A silent BGM is playing in the background, which makes the entire atmosphere even more calming. The owner of this cafe wants the people who come in to spend as much time as they want at this cafe and to feel comfortable as in their own homes. A few of the rules at this cafe are, no strong smelling people (so basically no perfume or strong smelling hand cream) and no small children (I don’t really know what small children would be doing alone at a cafe but…). The cafe is open from 12:15 PM to 7 PM (last order) every day except for Friday.



    Kekkojin’s popular menu is their creamy cheesecake. There are many fans of this cake and some people come back just for how good this cheesecake is.


    Gateau Chocolat


    Black Coffee


    Cafe Au Lait


    Hot Cocoa




    One small drawback of Kekkojin Milk Hall is that it is EXTREMELY difficult to find as it looks like a normal house on the outside. Please follow the directions very carefully and find your way to this wonderful, cozy cafe.


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