Say Hi to Stitch at Tokyo Disneyland!

  • SPOT
  • At Tokyo Disneyland, a new attraction called Stitch Encounter will be opening on July 17th. Anybody who goes to the Stitch Encounter attraction will be able to visit Stitch at the Stitch Monitor Station. The Stitch Monitor Station has two jobs: 1. Always make sure Stitch is a good little alien and 2. To protect Stitch from the evil(?) alien Gantu.


    Basically, this attraction is an audience participatory CG show attraction in which the audience can have a conversation with Stitch. It is sort of similar in nature to Turtle Talks which is another attraction and Disney in Japan based off of the world of the Disney film, Finding Nemo.


    With the launch of the new attraction, there will be new menus available to eat at shops around the attraction.

    Beef Patty Sandwich w/ Pineapple and Avocado (980 yen)
    Available at Tomorrow Land Terrace

    Scrump Dumplings: Mango, Banana and Sweet Potato (400 yen)
    Available at Space Place Food Port

    Cream Shaved Ice (Mix Berry and Lemon Jelly) (510 yen)
    Available at Torbator Tavern and Space Place Food Port

    Cream Shaved Ice (Coconut Milk) (460 yen)
    Available at Space Place Food Port

    Special Merchandise

    Can Badge (310 yen)

    T-Shirt (from 1,900 yen)

    Head Towel (1,600 yen)

    Customizable Accessories

    You can mix and match your own accessories. There is a Stitch base, and an Angel base for the accessory and you can also choose your own star sign and whatever charms you want to add.

    Other than these products there are also memo sets, jigsaw puzzles, color pen sets, key chain sets, mug cups, chocolate etc.

    Search for Stitch!

    Along with the opening of Stitch Encounter on July 17th, from that day to August 31st, there will be a special event taking place inside Tokyo Disneyland. This is the first event to take place during the normal hours at Disneyland. If you purchase the mystery solving kit at a store within the park at any given time, you will be sent off on a park-wide mystery solving hunt. There are practice mystery questions available at the official site here.