Vocaloid Digital Singers. Who is your favourite?

  • Vocaloid, known as digital singer is a technology and also the name of voice synthesizer developed by Yamaha. With this application, a song can be made without real singer!
    There are many Vocaloids that have been released with peculiar voices, including duo Kagamine Rin and Len, Megurine Luka and also the most popular vocaloid Hatsune Miku.

    Hatsune Miku

    The most famous Vocaloid character who has traveled all around the world, Hatsune Miku. “Hatsune Miku” means the first sound from the future, was developed by Crypton Future Media Inc., which used Vocaloid2 and Vocaloid3 engines by Yamaha. Various concerts have been performed by Miku, including Hatsune Miku Exhibition in New York, Los Angles, Indonesia, and the latest was in Shanghai on June 27th and 28th, 2015. More than a hundred thousand songs has been released from around the world such as “The World is Mine”, “Melt”, and “Tell Your World”. Million artworks has been created and spreader over the internet.

    Voice: Saki Fujita
    Illustrator: KEI

    Kagamine Rin and Len

    Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len are duo digital singers developed by Crypton Future Media Inc.. Their names were developed according to the audio channel which “Rin” for Right, and “Len” for Left. Actually, Crypton was going to make a female character with her mirror image of different gender, but a lot of works described them as twins. Finnaly, Crypton accepted it, but they are not siblings nor lovers.
    They were released on December 27th, 2007 with Vocaloid2 engine. Many songs have been released by newcomers such as “Servant of Evil”, “Trick and Treat” and “My List Dame!”.
    Voice: Asami Shimoda
    Illustrator: KEI

    Luka Megurine

    Popular for the mysterious and cool expressions and voice, Luka Megurine is the third character released by Crypton Future Media Inc. on January 30th, 2009 with Vocaloid2 engine. She is dressed in Chinese outfit with long pink hair. She was released in a bilingual version, English and Japanese, which enables her to sing moodier genres like Jazz. Some of popular song sung by Luka are “Just Be Friend”, “Answer”, “Dust” and “Double Lariat”.
    Voice: Yu Asakawa
    Illustrator: KEI


    With project name “ARIA ON THE PLANETES”, IA is one and the only Vocaloid character developed by First Place Inc. with Vocaloid3 engine in January 2012. She appears feminine in a black-pink dress. The name “IA” was taken from the voice actor “Lia”. Her voice is the most human-like compared with other Vocaloids, which made her popular.
    Ia had the first Vocaloid3 song that hit more than one million views in NicoNico Douga(NND)! Some of the popular songs sung by Ia are “Kisaragi Attention”, “Children Record”, “Night Tales Deceive”, and “Six Trillion And Overnight Story”.
    Voice: Lia
    Illustrator: Aka Akasaka


    Retro-futuristic in appearance, Vocaloid2 “GUMI” was released in June 2009 by Internet Co., Ltd. with the name “Megpoid” (メグッポイド). There are two languages, Japanese and English, with the English version being published with Vocaloid3 engine to introduce Vocaloid to the US. GUMI appears in green, yellow and orange colors, reminding us of the spring and fall seasons of Japan. Some of the popular songs sung by her are “Mozaik Role”, “Sweet Float Apartment” and “One, Two Fanclub (ft. Kagamine Rin)”.
    Voice: Megumi Nakajima
    Illustrator: Masami Yuuki


    MEIKO is the first Vocaloid with Vocaloid(One) engine, and was released on November 5th, 2004 by Crypton. She appears in a red sleeveless jacket and mini skirt, looking professional with her short brown hair bob. Currently, MEIKO is available in English and Japanese of Vocaloid(One) and Vocaloid3 engines. Popular songs sung by MEIKO are “Nostalogic”, “Paired Wintry Winds (ft. KAITO), “A Whole New World (ft. KAITO)”, and some songs with the Project DIVA.
    Voice: Meiko Haigo
    Illustrator: Shogo Washizu


    KAITO is the most popular male vocaloid. He was released in February 2006 for Vocaloid(One) engine by Yamaha Corporation and distributed by Crypton. The name “KAITO” was chosen from public voting and is an idea of Shuichi Tanaka (Known as Shu-tP). He appears in white-blue with a scarf over his neck. He is available in Japanese of Vocaloid(One) engine and English of Vocaloid3. The popular song are “The Dream I Saw Yesterday” and “Thousand Year-Solo”.
    Voice: Naoto Fuga
    Illustrator: Takashi Kawasaki