Embrace your inner Crazy Cat Lady in Tokyo Cafes!

  • Cat Cafe Trend

    The trend of cat cafes has been booming lately. If you want to enjoy a friendly atmosphere, have a quirky date, chill out with friends, meet new people or just relax by yourself, then these are just some of the places worth considering. You’ll soon discover that cats are not just simple pets and they can do wonders for you!

    Neko no Kanzume

    Are you a cat lover? Do you like drinking coffee or tea in the presence of these adorable felines? Then this is the best place for you! Located in Tokyo, Neko no Kanzume gives you that vibe of lounging around in the comfort of your own living room. This cafe serves as an animal shelter for some cats and even makes them available for adoption. Depending on the condition, some cats may have traumatic experiences in the past, wherein you have to take precautionary measures not to touch them. Such a great way to find some feline company for a cause.

    Curl Up Cafe: Meguro

    Curling up in leather couches and cat beds, cats are comfortably waiting for you in Curl Up Cafe: Meguro:ku. That is probably where it got its name from. This cafe is located in Haramachi which is only about a minute from Nishi-Koyoma station.

    The cafe has a cleaner appearance due to its brightly illuminated interior. If you like being in the spotlight, then this is the best place to shine. In addition, the cafe offers complimentary meals to have with your coffee, tea or smoothies, such as pork fried rice and Mexican jambalaya.

    Neko Jalala

    Popularly recognized for electronics shops and otaku spots, Akihabara (Akiba) is also one of the cat cafe areas where you can find Neko Jalala. The location is very easy to find. The accessibility explains why this cafe is normally full and having to reserve it half an hour earlier is necessary. It will show you how many people are in love with cats these days.

    The cafe’s door handle is impressively noticeable.

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