“Wonut”, the most calorific snack in Japan!

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  • Japan is a land famous for its snacking culture, whether the snack of choice is oddly named biscuits, bizarrely flavoured chocolates or flakes of fish served in a variety of unusual ways. But if you’re looking for a treat that really packs a punch, what you need is a Wonut.

    What is Wonut?


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    This sweet-wheat-treat is a part waffle, part doughnut – Wonut. It’s like a waffle and a doughnut got together and had a big, fat, greasy, chocolate-covered child. Well, I say big and fat but the Wonut is actually no bigger than your average doughnut – smaller, in fact, than ones you get in specialist doughnut stores like Mister Donut.

    Given how fond the Japanese are of their sweet snacks, I thought this delicacy had been invented here. In fact, the Wonut originates from the Waffles Cafe, a Chicago-based waffle house that shot to fame when it invented this delicious hybrid. The snack is made by first baking a small sized waffle, and then deep-frying it as if it were a doughnut, and then finally drenching it in various toppings including syrup, chocolate and nuts. In Japan, the only two flavours I’ve seen are the strawberry coated and chocolate nut coated.


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    Given the preparation process, it’s not difficult to work out that this thing is highly, hugely calorific. For the amount of calories gained from one Wonut you might as well just eat one whole waffle, followed by one whole doughnut. One Wonut will bless you with… can you believe it … almost 500 calories! Five Hundred! For your average woman, that’s one-quarter of your daily calorie allowance washed down with a cup of tea.

    The Taste

    It’s hard to believe the mega-calorific nature of the Wonut just by looking at it, but you can certainly tell from the weight. You could kill someone with one of those! So what does it taste like? Well… it’s extremely sweet. Even without the chocolate topping, the dough is peppered with sugar. It’s heavy and cloying and delicious… but, as you might have guessed, a bit over the top. Despite its small size, you could easily split a Wonut with a friend, or two, and feel like you’ve had enough of it’s sickly sweetness.


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    Sure, it’s tasty; and it’s fun to know that your naughty snack really is a naughty one. But it’s certainly not something that you should include in your daily lunch box! It’s fun to try, if only for the pre-munching selfie with the caption ‘I can’t believe I’m about to eat this…’ So if you’re feeling hungry and you’ve got 500 calories to spare… give it a go!