Top 5 Popular Fast Food Chains of Japan

  • It would seem that every tourist in Japan has tried the Japanese McDonald’s. But don’t you think it is a little too much if you are having Big Mac way back home and you are also having a Big Mac now that you are on your dreamed vacation? So, why don’t you step out of your comfort zone and try a much more authentic Japanese meal? If you need some help on which fast food restaurants to try on, here’s the list.

    1. Mos Burger

    Your love for burger shouldn’t drive you to the nearest burger house, but instead it should drive you to the best burger in Japan. The Mos burger is McDonald’s version in Japan. It is spread all over the country. It may be a trifle expensive than what you are used to, but both local and tourists swear that their burgers are juicier, messier and tastier.
    Mos Burger Website

    2. Sukiya

    If you are from the east and prefer rice for your every meal, then you must try Sukiya. It is Japan’s version of Rice Box but instead of the Chinese rice dishes they serve Japanese Gyudons (shaved beef on rice) at affordable prices. With their wide menu options, you will find the best beef on rice meal, your hungry stomach is quenching for.
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    3. Gusto

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    If you want Burger steaks and coffee, this is the place for you to dine. This popular food chain serve cheese burger patties, fried chicken meals, grilled meat, fries and spaghetti. It serves western food with Japanese infusion with an ambiance perfect for casual dining. Not just that but their nomihodai (drink-all-you-can) bar gives you a wide array of drink choices including tasty coffees.
    Gusto Website*Automatic translation

    4. Pizza-La

    If you think this is an American restaurant, well, the concept may be west in origin but it is definitely Japanese. Once you have tried their pizza (with everything on it like eggplants, different kinds of mushrooms, meat and everything Japanese could think of to create a bed of great pizza meal), you will never go back to having anything else but Pizza-La.
    Pizza-La Website

    5. Sushiro

    You will love this very Japanese fast food chain. Take note. Sushiro does not serve sushis in a take away container but you get to enjoy its conveyor-belt presentation. Pick your desired sushi dish as it go by you or enjoy a more high tech way of ordering by its touch screen menu. Either way, you will not just enjoy the conveyor of sushi delicacies but their tasty food and lovely sushi presentation as well.

    Sushiro Website