Moomin Cafe: for the Lonely and Shy!

  • Table for One? Have you ever experienced going to the cafe alone pretending to read a book or use your phone because you’ve got no one to talk to? No need to worry. Japan’s Moomin Cafe gives you the company you need.

    Originally from Finland, Moomin Cafe has already opened three locations in Japan namely Moomin House Cafe, Moomin Stand, and Moomin Shop. The cafe combats loneliness issues which most Japanese people experiencing it due to their busy and hard-working schedules.

    Getting to Know the Moomins

    Moomins are fairy tale characters found in a series of books and comics published in Swedish by Schildts in Finland. They resemble hippopotamuses and live adventurous and carefree lives in Moomin Valley. The different Moomin characters are thought to resemble real people who were close to the author. To honor the character’s heritage, Moomin Cafe was then established serving different foods specially designed and well-crafted.

    What to Expect from the Cafe

    Once seated, the cafe gives the diners the chance to sit with a stuffed Moomin as a companion. They are actually being brought to each table to give everyone the chance to sit next to them. You can actually just stare at them, cuddle them or even talk to them. I just wish they would talk back.

    Where to Find the Cafes

    The themed Moomin House Cafe where you can take home the popular Nyoro-nyoro (Hattifatterner) Donuts is located in Tokyo Sky Tree Town. It looks artsy and pretty much well-designed.
    Moomin House Cafe Website

    Moomin Stand serves that delicious, chewy and fruity flavored Hattifattener seeds which can be found in Coppice Kichijoji, Yokosuka Mores City, and Universal Citywalk Osaka.

    Moomin Cafe6

    This is Japan’s first official Moomin brand shop which sells the inspired Moomin arts and merchandise. It is located in Futakotamagawa, LUMINE Kitasenju and MOOMIN SHOP MINI Tokyo Station. What are you waiting for? Come along and try spending quality time with the Moomins!
    Futakotamagawa Access
    Tokyo Access

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