Urban Biking Experience: Tokyobike

  • Just as mountain bikes are made to travel the mountains, the Tokyobike is made to travel the streets of Tokyo. This bike brand line founded in 2002 is a brand designed to support the urban biking experience. This Tokyo-based bike shop provides extremely comfortable bikes that are made to ride in the city of Tokyo.

    About Tokyobike


    The Tokyobike franchise has spread across the globe to the major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, London, Berlin and Singapore. With these Tokyobikes, you can explore the various nooks and crannies of your favorite city. These bikes are designed to be light and comfortable when peddling and completely customized according to the person who owns it. Tokyobike encourages people to take it slow in the modern, fast-paced city life. They create their products based on the motto: “Life is always about the journey rather than the destination.”

    Bike Types

    The Tokyobike comes in four main types.

    Tokyobike Classic

    The Tokyobike Classic has eight available gear settings and with its mostly upright posture, provides the rider with a relaxed ride while enjoying the scenery.

    Tokyobike Bisou

    The Bisou has seven gears and it is the most laid-back model out of the Tokyobikes. This uni-sex bike is suitable for anyone who wants a leisurely ride through the city. This bike is also suitable to adding baskets or carriers on the front.

    Tokyobike Sport

    Just as the name infers, the Tokyobike Sport is for swift movement. With nine-speed gears, this bike allows you to pedal with less effort at a faster speed. This bike frame has a matte finish that is unique to this model.

    Tokyobike Single Speed

    This bike is the lightest and slimmest model in the Tokyobike line. There is only one speed (obviously).



    Not only can you choose out of the four main Tokyobike types (and 8 actual types to choose from at the present), you can customise each one whenever you want. From the frame colour to the saddle type, you can choose whatever part you want to add to your Tokyobike. For example for the Tokyobike 26 (from the Tokyobike Classic) there are 11 frame colours, 7 tire types, 7 grip types, 6 saddle types, 2 pedal types and the list goes on. This is how customizable these Tokyobikes are.

    Direct Stores

    There are three direct Tokyobike stores in Japan. One in Yanaka, one in Koenji and one in Nakameguro. At these stores not only can you purchase your very own Tokyobike (obviously) but you can test ride every Tokyobike type. These stores run with the concept that you should be able to try and choose the best Tokyobike for yourself. These stores also do maintenance for your Tokyobike.







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