Beautiful scenery of a lit-up Kifune Shrine only available when covered in snow

  • SPOT
  • The Kifune Shrine in Kyoto will hold an event where the shrine will be lit up beautifully only on days when the area is covered in snow.
    As it will only be lit up on snowy days, this scenery will not necessarily be available every day. However, its astounding beauty is still well worth the trip to this amazing shrine.
    Come and enjoy the harmony and collaboration between snow and shrine, as well as light.

    This event was started from January 1st, 2015.
    This is the main shrine among the 450 Kifune Shrines dotted around the country.
    The main shrine situated in the deep forest offers a place of worship for the god of water, attracting many faithful followers from businessmen and the like.

    The shrine grounds feature a “road of love(恋の道)” which is believed to bring good luck in matters of the heart. Maybe you could go there to wish for marriage to a loved one?

    How about sending a special prayer to heaven on a special day?

    Japanese notation:貴船神社


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