The most popular Anime Singers: who is your favourite?

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    Anime songs (Anison) are divided into: openings, endings, inserts and specials that are usually bundled with the DVD. There are a lot of anison singers of various genres. Below are some of the singers, duos and bands that you simply need to know.


    LiSA is the stage name of this singer, and an acronym for Love is Same All, signed to Aniplex. Her real name is Risa Oribe, born on June 24th, 1987 in Seki, Gifu Japan.
    Her pop-rock music genre in series Angel Beats! made her especially popular. Girls Death Monster (GirlDeMo) is the name of a band that uses her voice in the anime. In 2014, LiSA held a concert titled “LiVE is Smile Always~今日もいい日だっ” in Nippon Budokan. She also sings the anime soundtracks Sword Art Online: “crossing field”, “No More Time Machine” and “Shirushi” (シルシ). The opening theme of anime The Irregular at Magic High School titled “Rising Hope” is also sung by her, and this year, her single “Rally Go Round” will be used as the opening for anime Nisekoi second season.

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    ClariS is an acronym for Clara and Alice, formed in 2009 while they were in Junior High School. They sang a vocaloid song “Step to You” and uploaded the video onto NicoNico Douga (NND), which later SME Record got interested in, and then later signed them in. Their first debut was “Irony” released on October 20th, 2010 which used it as anime OreImo opening song. A lot of people liked that song in the anime, later the second season of the anime used another of their songs. A single “Connect” was used as the opening song of anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
    Unfortunately, on June 14th, 2014, following the third album “PARTY TIME”, the official site announced that Alice left ClariS because she wants to concentrate on studying. In late 2014, they also announced new member who will replace Alice, her name is Karen. After she joined, a single and an album were released, and the new duet performed a concert on January 25th, 2015 in Nippon Budokan.

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    Supercell is a group band that was formed in 2007 with Ryo as the leader. The band was signed to Sony Music Entertainment Japan in 2009 followed with their Supercell album. Before Supercell has their singer, Ryo used Vocaloid Hatsune Miku to sing his songs. Three of his songs which were submitted to NicoNico Dougo, “Koi wa Sensō”, “World is Mine” and “Black Rock Shooter” got over a million views.
    After joining SME Japan, Supercell got a new vocalist, Nagi Yanagi. She was in Supercell from 2009 to 2011. Some of their songs used as anime theme songs are: “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” as an ending theme song in Bakemonogatari anime series, “Utakata Hanabi” as the 14th ending theme song of Naruto Shippuden, and an anime Black Rock Shooter based on Supercell song “Black Rock Shooter”.
    In 2011 Nagi Yanagi left Supercell, and Koeda joined the band. She was chosen from an audition held from May 25th to June 19th, 2011. Some of their songs which that you can hear in anime are: “Kokuhaku” as the second ending theme song of anime Guilty Crown, “Light My Fire” which was composed by Ryo and sung by Kotoko used as the opening theme song for Shakugan no Shana Final, and also a single “The Bravery” used as the second ending theme song for Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.

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    fripSide is a duo of Satoshi Yaginuma and Nao, which got established on March 15th, 2009. They got signed to NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan LLC (Geneon Universal Entertainment at the time) with the first debut “Only My Railgun” on November 4th, 2009, that was used as the opening theme song for To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.

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