How Technology Paved a Way to the Greater Appreciation of Mt. Fuji

  • In a recent travel with my family, we came to see Mt. Fuji, one of Japan’s historic sites. At first, we agreed to just see it from a distance within Tokyo area. Fortunately and without the slightest idea, we went farther away from Tokyo and had reached a place called Yamanakako with the help of technology. Yamanakako is located in Yamanashi Prefecture. This route has roads that are narrow and curvy. Also, the roads are surrounded by mountains, which any traveler who loves nature will appreciate even more.

    Global Positioning System or GPS

    Cars in Japan are equipped with this kind of navigation system. GPS navigation shows the easiest way to get where you want to go. The destination and the system will instruct you how to get there. The video and audio instructions are all set in Japanese language, though.

    Smartphone Map Application


    Smartphones have this feature which can also show the directions to go to your destination. Unlike most car navigation systems that are set in Japanese, Google map has characters doubled in English. You can also use the voice navigation in English on your phones.


    A traveller going to Mt. Fuji through Yamanakako can use the expressways or the ordinary roads. Expressways are expensive. For one who does not want to pay toll fees but would rather enjoy sightseeing, this route is definitely worth taking. Taking the ordinary roads through Yamanakako, although will take more time, is surely an enjoyable experience. The roadways are very smooth and well maintained. There are no potholes or rough patches on them. Another attraction along the way is passing through Shiroyama Dam located in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture. Surprising to note the road on the dam is built to be used by vehicles. There are also tunnels along the Yamanakako route. Another thing which will add to one’s excitement is the presence of a digital weather display which shows the temperature outside.


    Author’s photo

    One who gets the chance to see Mt. Fuji has mixed feelings while staring at this volcano. Looking at the near perfect shaped mount can bring surreal experience. Thus, it is really important to create a memory of it. And, taking photos of the volcano from all the angles is the best way to help you make the lasting memories of this place.

    Seeing Mt. Fuji from Yamanakako is one of the best travel adventures in my life. And I thank God for this experience and the technology available at present.