Anpanman! A Symbol of Justice!

  • Are you a fan of Japanese animations and cartoons? Did you like reading picture books when you were young? Coming along your way from Japan is “Anpanman,” a picture-book character created by Takashi Yanase who is literally bread. Not just any bread but a hero one.

    Having a long history, Anpanman has been modified over time with new characters being introduced. It even has its own TV shows in 3D nowadays!

    Love-Hate Relationship with Baikinman

    Anpanman is a symbol for justice-doing, to your body in particular. He is in a constant battle with “Baikinman,” the leader of the viruses from Germ Planet. He represents the viruses which are known to combat the body’s immune system. Just as how much the body loves junk food but hates being sick, that is how their roller-coaster relationship goes by. Characters in this animation are derived from different merchandises that can range from snacks, vegetables, and toys. This makes it easy for the viewers to relate. The varying stories would usually center on Anpanman beating Baikinman. As a hero, he is indeed expected to do this.

    Valuable Lessons

    Because of its heroism, Anpanman is thought to give valuable lessons to children, who are its main target market. Eating the right kind of food and doing all hygienic practices is one of the animation’s campaigns. Since it is a simple family-oriented story, it is easy for parents and children to follow.

    Places to Find Anpanman

    If you want to get to know Anpanman better and would love to take videos, photos, and more, it would be best to visit some places in Japan. One of which is Yokohama Anpanman’s Children Museum and Mall. It is located in Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama. This caters to all Anpanman fans out there from children to children wannabes or the children at heart. Here, you can buy Anpanman souvenirs, toys, food and even bring your children to play in its play space.

    Who wouldn’t want to slide on this all day long?

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