Let’s Bike to Work in Japan!

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  • Japan is a highly industrialized country. Everything is easily accessible and transportation is on the go. There are less worries for people who are in a hurry and need transportation at anytime.

    Bike to Work1

    Despite this fact, it tries to maintain an eco-friendly environment. Though a lot of people commute by train, still some of them prefer to use a bicycle. Not only for the health benefits, the Japanese use the bicycles for multiple reasons.

    As a Form of Exercise

    Bike to Work2

    Many Japanese have less-to-no time for exercise considering their very busy schedules. Most of them do overwork so they cannot imagine how to squeeze the exercise time into their tight schedule. In order to compensate, they go to work by bycicle. This would normally be used by persons whose workplaces are proximal and getting there would take 30 minutes or less in one way. Weather and the environment may also be contributing factors in this. Low car pollution and the not-so-many rainy days, it is definitely a heaven for cyclists.

    Parking Fee Rate

    Bike to Work3

    For those living in Tokyo, the parking fee is insanely high. The rates can go as high as 3,000 yen for 24 hours. You may own your house but constantly pay for the parking space. This is the reason why many people think twice before buying a car. Some of them would even leave their cars in their hometowns.

    Folding Bicycles Trend

    Bike to Work4

    Commuters who use the train yet still need the bike for travelling some short distances near their offices but cannot bring their bulky bike, need not worry anymore. The trend for folding bikes had already started. Folding bicycles are designed to be folded into compact structure in order to be transported. It may be more expensive than the ordinary one and can reach as high as 100,000 yen.

    Bicycle Lanes

    Bike to Work5

    Japan’s bicycle lanes are well-organized as well, such as those in Saitama prefecture, and it makes it safer for pedestrians and bikers along the way. This is probably the reason why there’re less vehicular accidents involving bikes in Japan.

    A Must-Try

    Do not forget to try using bicycles on your next visit to Japan. It will add up to your meaningful cultural experience whether for fun, adventure or for work!