A Budget Travel Experience in Chiba!

  • Shinurayasu is located in Chiba Prefecture. It is home to the famous Tokyo Disney Theme Parks. The place is clean and safe even for tourists. The roads are smooth and are bicycle friendly. Bicycle rider must remember the principle though, that pedestrians have the right of way in Japan.

    There are alternative ways to enjoy Shin-urayasu even on tight budget. One would just need a bicycle to be able to tour around the best spots as alternative to Disney theme parks adventure. For tourist who may want to try sightseeing by this mode, there are bicycle rentals available in Chiba. Just like any other place in Japan, touring around Shin-urayasu by bicycle gives a joyful experience without spending much for entrance fees at the theme parks. Further, you get to see many places that are worthy of recognition.


    Parks are found everywhere in Chiba. In this city, you may park your bicycle in the designated area. They are clean and safe to roam around. Kids and adults will surely love these places as they are really beautiful. One park located in this city is the Takasu Seaside. It has a play area for kids. The long slides may also be tried by adults. There is also a fishing spot at the park. There is a camping area as well. Here, you can watch planes in the sky as it is near the Narita Airport. You will also enjoy bird viewing at the seaside. Near this place is another park, where families may hold picnics. Students also gather here for their school activities because it is vast to accommodate even their family members. The grassy environment is great for walking activity. Another attraction is the Kotsu-koen. It has a small zoo where children and adults alike will enjoy. The mini zoo does not collect entrance fees.



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    The gardens at Ikspiari are must see as alternative to shopping in this mall. The flowers are beautiful and are great for taking photos. You may also consider viewing the paintings displayed on the walls as they are impressive and will surely inspire you. You will also get fascinated by their vibrant colors.

    Bon Voyage

    Another entrance to Disneyland is through this mall. There are Disney products available for sale. If you do not intend to buy anything in this store, it is a good past time to just look at the display. The connecting bridge to Disneyland is a nice location to take photos.

    Tokyo Disney Hotel

    This hotel is across from Disneyland. When you do not have the extra money to check in this place, you might just try visiting it to appreciate the totality of the building. The facade of the building is impressive. Topiary is found outside the building. Many of the topiary are designed to look like your favorite Disney characters.The interior is a totally entertainment architecture. Also, the back of the building is equally striking because of apparent theme park designs.
    Traveling in this city is not expensive at all. With a limited money in your pocket, you get to enjoy an unlimited learning experience by just riding on your two wheels, parking it in the space designated and walk around appreciating everything you see.